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November 2, 2003
One Mideast State May Be Future of Israel

I doubt that anyone besides the Palestinians take this suggestion seriously, but as a way to pressure Israel, this notion may have some legs (via The Poliburo Diktat):

With settlement-building continuing and peace efforts stalled, Israelis in growing numbers are worrying that a partition may soon become impossible — and some Palestinians have concluded that a single state for both peoples is in their interest. ... It has become a matter of intense discussion on talk shows and editorial pages, supplying ammunition to Israeli peace campaigners who say a pullout from the West Bank and Gaza should be framed not as a compromise but as a necessity. The alternative, they say, will be an Israel swamped by Arabs, torn between giving them the vote and losing Jewish dominion over the country, or denying them the vote and standing accused of emulating apartheid South Africa.

Not only would the Jewish character of such a nation be obliterated within a generation, but you can also say goodbye to democracy once the Palestinian Authority thugocracy gets voted into office. They've had the opportunity to put democracy into action ever since Oslo, but so far haven't bothered to establish anything except strongman rule. This has been an odd week of news for the Israelis; first we hear about Europeans conspiring to pull a Munich and sacrifice Israel to appease Islamofascists, because appeasement worked so well for Europe in the past.

[A] DEBKAfile informant dining at a Knightsbridge restaurant with a highly-placed British intelligence official heard him drop this remark: “Some people in the West have come to the conclusion that the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 was a mistake.” When asked to explain whether this meant that the Jews were to be evicted from the Middle East, he replied: “Certainly. Israel has a little more than 5 million Jews. If the United States and NATO were to finance their relocation in other countries, that would solve many Middle East problems.”

This same British source is extremely well-connected in high NATO circles and has moreover established a long-running reputation for credibility.

Notice the idea that the US and NATO taking care of the Jews, instead of the European Union. Why, do you suppose, the Europeans don't want the Jews back in Europe? This poll tells a sickening story about the state of the European mind (via Power Line):

Nearly 60 percent of 7,500 Europeans surveyed ranked Israel as the country posing the biggest threat to world peace today, according to the poll to be released Monday by the European Commission, Voice of America reported.

The United States ranks sixth on the list, after North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, France's Le Monde newspaper reported.

Europeans consider Israel a greater threat to peace than Iran, which sponsors terrorist groups that operate almost without restriction in Europe, and North Korea, whose Supreme Leader keeps making dark threats about dropping nuclear weapons onto Japan. Iraq and Afghanistan are neutralized now, and in the case of the former, no help from the Europeans at that. The US ranks above places like Syria. Nice people, those Europeans. Note also that the Palestinians don't even rank in the top 5. The Europeans feel Israel, instead of the bomb-tossers, is a threat to world peace. How? By having their civilians bombed in numbers that are too small to please the Europeans? Ah, I forget; when it comes to killing Jews, Europeans prefer the more efficient, high-volume methods pioneered by the Germans.

Put all of this together, along with Thomas Friedman's revelation about the European idea of staging Egyptian soldiers in Israel as "peacekeepers", and in Tom Lehrer's words, the Israelis are getting more nervous than a Christian Scientist with appendicitis. Make no mistake about it: European anti-Israel sentiment is directly linked to centuries-old European anti-Semitism, and they're falling back on their old tropes of the secret Jewish conspiracy behind all the world's woes. Israel was founded as a way for Jews to escape the "gentle" clutches of genocidal Europeans, and now the same Europeans, less than 60 years removed from the gas chambers of Auschwitz, are ready to ethnically cleanse Asia Minor of the same Jews they failed to kill in Europe.

If I were to take part in that poll, my answer for the biggest danger to world peace would be a tie -- between France and Germany. I propose that we eject all the French and Germans from Europe. The Arab League can finance their relocation to countries that would welcome them, if we could just find one.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at November 2, 2003 8:46 PM

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