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November 21, 2003
France's Rushdie Moment

Power Line is referring readers to this FrontPage magazine article detailing how Islamofascism in France is destroying free speech:

“...I hope someone slits your throat, you dirty, Jew pig...”

France, once the land of Enlightenment, is turning into a place of darkness, thanks to Islamist fanaticism.

Death threats like the one above have forced a French publishing house to cancel plans this month to publish a translated version of American author Robert Spencer’s book, Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About The World’s Fastest Growing Faith.

As I posted earlier this morning, this is the cause for which the totalitarian apologists and their clueless followers march in Trafalgar Square, the Mall in Washington, and in cities near you. Followers of Islam, the "religion of peace", have shut down the publication of a book which dares to analyze the Qu'ran and its message of jihad. Fascism can abide no dissent -- and make no mistake about it, Islamists are the new Fascisti, determined to silence the unbelievers into dhimmitude or, if that cannot be done, to kill them and so silence them permanently. The author notes the laughably gargantuan gap between the PR of militant Islamism and its reality:

“What you have here is a subjugation of public opinion in France,” he said. “It’s ironic. If you don’t say Islam is a religion of peace, they will kill you. My book doesn’t advocate murdering anyone. It only investigates questions about Islam, but it is so threatening that they’ll kill to silence it.”

France is particularly vulnerable to this incursion against human rights and Western values due to its centuries of colonial interference in North Africa; a significant minority of the French is Muslim (estimates vary between 10-15%), and it is widely believed that Muslims may comprise the plurality of France within one or two more generations. French politicians therefore are loath to confront Islamism, believing in the safety of appeasement -- as if that's worked for France in the past. For instance, as Front Page notes, the French publishing industry has had no problems producing this:

While people are threatened with death over publication of Spencer’s work, the novel Rever la Palestine (Dream of Palestine) faced no apparent obstacles in reaching the booksellers. Published by France’s third-largest publishing house, Rever is intended for young people and concerns Palestinian teenagers fighting against “bloodthirsty Jews, who assassinate children, and old people, profane mosques, and rape Arab women.”

The fifteen-year-old author, an Egyptian living in Italy, has one of the book’s characters calling for a Jihad against the Jews, while the main character becomes a suicide bomber who kills five Israelis.

Read the entire article, and weep for the nation that once was France. It is dying, and the French are selling themselves into dhimmitude.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at November 21, 2003 8:37 AM

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