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February 22, 2004
Nader Reaction On The Campaign Blogs

Ralph Nader may present his campaign as a populist attempt to wrest control of national politics from corporate control, but he seems to be an unpopular populist amongst the progressives in the Democratic campaigns. A review of their blogs shows the anger and resentment Nader provoked with his unusual go-it-alone Presidential campaign announcement this morning.

From the Dean for America blog:

"Parker": I really wish Nader was more vocal about the Democratic party. Because most people aren't going to put the pieces together that he is only running because Dean dropped out.

"Kevin": Ralph Nader is the Ted Kazinski of the presidential candidates. He should grow a beard and go live in a shack in the woods. He is the Unibomber Candidate.

"Candyce" [engaging in some oddball conspiracy theories]: and Bush... I am a nice person thinking bad thoughts about Bush. I dislike him so much, I at first thought he put the dog down for sympathy...

"Conspiracy Secretary" [apparently not listening very carefully, considering Nader's announcement a Dean endorsement]: Nader already said that he wouldn't have to run if Dean is. Take your anger down to the street and start screaming at people in BMW's. Nader is a strong endorcement. Now if we could just get the rest of the third party candidates to endorce Dean.

"beck_hen" [clearest thinker on the blog]: There are reasons people weren't satisfied in 2000 and reasons they're not satisfied now. Dems were so lucky that our campaign advocated change within the party, instead of abandonment of it. By crushing it, they paved the way for Nader's run. Terry McAuliffe and the DNC just don't get it: they'll have to change, now or four years from now.

Look, this blog has been very critical of Howard Dean, and for good reason, but beck_hen is correct -- Dean did offer the Democrats a way to engage the Naderites of 2000. Dean's demise, to some extent at the hands of the Democratic establishment, enraged and disaffected a large section of that base. At the same time, as I posted last night, Terry McAuliffe has done nothing to harness Ralph Nader in order to protect the Dem's flank in this election. Either McAuliffe isn't buying the PR line that Nader cost them the last election, or he didn't think Nader would give it another go. In other words, McAuliffe was asleep at the switch.

Over at John Kerry's blog:

"frankly0": It's a wonder and a tragedy that a man like Nader, who began his career as a brave crusader for the welfare of the common man should choose to end it as a narcisistic, destructive, bitter crackpot.

"peter": Nader is a complete lunatic. I'm ashamed that I ever respected the man.

"Maryscott": Ralph Nader is a Republican mole. Everything he says is utterly disingenuous. He is too smart not to know what his candidacy means, so I can only conclude that he has been in collusion with the Republicans from 2000 on.

"KerryOn62": Yeah, I noticed the lack of Blog on Nader's website when I went there to verbally build him a new anal orafice. Right wing funded scumbag. And I hate the 7 people who will vote for him, too.

Overall, the Kerry supporters seem a lot less exercised over Nader than the Deaniacs, probably because most of the Kerry supporters aren't all that close to Nader's politics and don't see Nader as much of a threat. Part of the Deaniac anger has to spring from an understandable resentment of seeing their message hijacked out of the party by a late-coming Nader.

At John Edwards blog, a mixed bag:

"jokerman": I watched Nader on MTP this morning where he announced he is running! I was A Dean supporter that switched to Edwards, Nader actually implied that he likes Edwards as acandidate! What I want to say is I will vote for Edwards I will NOT vote for Kerry! If Kerry is in I will vote for Nader! Let's make sure the democratic party knows that if they don't what droves of voter going for Nader they better not nominate Kerr!

"Carolina Girl": It's happening again. Damn media. Focus turning to Nader, a sure loser. Fox talking heads saying Deaniacs throwing their support behind Nader. Bull!
Let's keep our focus on STOPPING KERRY. Nothing else matters if we can't STOP KERRY NOW! The only way to do this is to pull together.

"wolf-wolf" [easily the funniest commenter on this topic]: Ralph Nader was an important crusader for automobile safety in the 1950's and 60's. Since then he has become increasingly irrelevant and egomaniacal. There are lots of people who just love to listen to themselves talk. Ralph Nader is currently the #2 American on that list. Since #1, Rush Limbaugh disagrees with him on all the issues, he can't be the Vice Presidential nominee. So Nader will reach out to #3, Boxing promoter Don King.

Predictably, we see a lot of stoicism from the Kerry campaign, but there seems to be a lot of hostility to Kerry in the Dean camp -- predictably -- but also surprisingly from the Edwards camp, too. In both campaigns, there seems to be some resonance for a Nader challenge, at least for now. This could be a problem for McAuliffe and the Democratic establishment.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at February 22, 2004 1:48 PM

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