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February 26, 2004
Probably Not Eligible For Early Release

The Telegraph has an exclusive interview with a female Palestinian terrorist, a wanna-be suicide bomber who got caught by Israeli security forces before she detonated her explosives. To say she's not remorseful is an understatement:

"Yes, I will do it again if I can," said Obeida Khalil, 27. "When I put the suicide explosives belt on I felt very happy, very content. I was angry when they caught me because I was not able to be a martyr. I wanted to be the first female martyr and to kill as many Israeli soldiers as possible. I chose the bus station because my brother blew himself up there."

Khalil claimed that she became a suicide bomber to avenge the death of her fiance, who was killed by an Israeli helicopter attack earlier. However, it's not as though his death put that thought into her head, as she says in the very next breath:

"Four days before our wedding, he went up on the roof and he was shot dead by an Israeli helicopter. If we had been married, then I would have had children. I would have done other things for the jihad besides being a martyr. But before he died we had discussed being martyrs by blowing ourselves up together. With the help of God, we said, maybe both of us would do it and then we would be together forever."

And what about children? Does she have any qualms about killing children in her quest to die in a bombing attack on civilians?

Although Khalil wanted to blow up soldiers in her planned attack in Tel Aviv she said it was legitimate to kill Jewish children because one day they would serve in the Israeli army. "The children of the first intifada [1987-1993] are the soldiers killing innocent Palestinian children now."

So by the same logic, one would suppose that she would condone the massive slaughter of Palestinian children as they grow up to be suicide bombers. Fortunately for her -- and this is a point that anti-Israeli protesters always miss -- Israelis don't think the same way.

Despite her protestations, she didn't set out to kill Israelis because her fiance was killed. Khalil is driven by hate and is egged on by a Palestinian Authority that cares not one whit for true negotiation. Khalil is serving a 5-year sentence since the bomb did not go off, a curious but common sentencing problem that rewards incompetence with enough time to allow the would-be murderers another chance to kill. Expect her to rejoin the effort to destroy Israel shortly after her release.

Top to bottom, the Palestinian end goal remains the same: to push the Israelis into the Mediterranean or to dance on their dead bodies in the streets of Tel Aviv. The US and EU should support the Israeli defense wall and quit negotiating on behalf of a people who represent only the nexus of bomb-throwers. I can't believe that anyone in the West thinks that granting sovereignty to Yasser Arafat and his gang of terrorists will make anything more secure. Let the Palestinians be cut off from Israel and think about where their leadership has taken them for a while. Perhaps that exercise will produce more rational strategic goals and a new generation of leaders to espouse them. The result could hardly be worse than what we have now.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at February 26, 2004 5:49 AM

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