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March 15, 2004
Spain Bugs Out

In what can very accurately be termed the first surrender in the war on terror, the new Spanish government has explicitly stated that Spain will withdraw from the anti-terror Coalition and will immediately withdraw its troops from Iraq as soon as it takes office:

Pulling a major ally from the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq, Spain's prime minister-elect will withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq in the coming months, a Socialist Party spokesman said. ... "Today, the Spanish people have spoken, and they said they want a government of change," he said in a victory speech.

The surprise victor in national elections vowed that fighting terrorism would be his first priority as he sets about creating an administration "that will work for peace."

As if al-Qaeda is interested in "peace", unless by peace you mean the reconquest of Andalusia. Looks like they're off to a great start.

It's not too far off the mark to recall the action of the Belgians in the spring of 1940, who pulled their army out of the line of defense when they capitulated without warning their British and French allies, dealing a mortal blow to any hope of stopping the Nazi onslaught. I understand that they just took a severe blow, but when a strong nation is attacked on its own soil, especially by a numerically inferior enemy, it doesn't close up shop and sue for peace! Any nation that reacts in that craven manner deserves to remain isolated and left to slowly decay on its own.

The worst part is that the Spanish Socialists have guaranteed -- guaranteed -- that the British, the Poles, the Australians, and the Americans will all be attacked near their next general elections. They have validated everything that the Islamofascists have said about the Western democracies; one good blow and they'll run home. They will use that strategy as a blueprint and the timing will be the same every time. I don't think it will work here, as 9/11 stripped our illusions of "working for peace" with Islamofascists, hopefully forever. A new attack would tend to reinforce what Bush has been saying all along, and make a liar out of John Kerry, who's repeatedly claimed that the terrorist threat is "exaggerated". But it may work elsewhere, and al-Qaeda may well drive wedges between Western allies.

Way to go, Spaniards. On Thursday, I asked readers to pray for your nation. Today, I'll ask them to pray for your souls. When your children are grown and have children of their own, they'll hear about 3/11/04 and ask you, "What did you do to those bad men who killed so many innocent people?" All you will be able to say is, "We ran under our beds and hoped someone else would save us."

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at March 15, 2004 5:24 AM

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