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June 20, 2006
Oh, Those Brave And Honorable Jihadis!

The Times of London reports on the latest defensive tactic by the brave and honorably Islamists in Afghanistan when facing Western forces. Instead of just hiding among and targeting civilian populations in their terrorism, now they have started seizing women and children to use as human shields when running away from NATO/Coalition forces under fire:

TALEBAN fighters used women and children as human shields as they tried to escape into the mountains of Afghanistan, British troops claimed yesterday. The tactics were revealed in the first account by those who fought in one of the main battles faced by the men of 3 Para and the Royal Gurkha Rifles in Helmand province, where 3,300 British troops are stationed.

The Taleban’s use of human shields happened during a six-hour battle that began when British troops arrived in a remote area to flush out a suspected Taleban hideout.

They came under attack seven times and fired 2,000 rounds as the rebels set ambushes and opened fire with rocket-propelled grenades. About 21 Taleban were killed.

“It happened twice where they pushed women and children in front of them. The first time they ran into a compound and pushed them out the front to stop the assault,” said Corporal Quintin Poll, 29, from Norfolk [UK]. “The second time they were firing through a building with women and children inside. My guys had to go around the left and right to get them.”

The Western media should keep this story in mind when reporting on civilian casualties in areas where terrorists fight against Western forces. On two occasions during the rout that killed almost two dozen of the Islamists -- supposedly brave Muslim fighters -- they deliberately pushed women and children into the line of fire.

This has two purposes for the Taliban. First, it keeps Western forces from firing on them, as they know that Coalition troops will try to protect civilians where possible. Secondly as just as importantly from a strategic point of view, any women and children killed in the battle will almost certainly be blamed on the Western forces by the Western media. It allows the Taliban to continue their propaganda blitz against the West, one in which the media has unwittingly (in most cases) found themselves a pawn to the Islamists.

Men who throw women and children in the line of fire to protect themselves have no honor, no courage, and no claim to religious righteousness under any circumstances. It's high time that the West grows up and understands the cowardly nature of tyrannies and the people who impose them. It will give us much more clarity in the effort that needs to be made to rid ourselves of the craven ghouls who prey on civilian populations for their own delusions of grandeur.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at June 20, 2006 7:55 AM

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