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July 27, 2006
UN Report Reveals Uselessness of UNIFIL

The United Nations quietly released a report on the UNIFIL mission on July 20th covering events since the beginning of the year in southern Lebanon. The report reveals the uselessness of the UNIFIL mission as the UN itself details how Hezbollah held control of the territory and how the UN stood by as the terrorists dug into their positions.

After a lengthy description of tit-for-tat provocations during the reporting period, the report describes the situation on the ground prior to the eruption of war earlier this month:

28. Control of the Blue Line and its vicinity appears to have remained for the most part with Hizbollah. During the reporting period, Hizbollah maintained and reinforced a visible presence in the area, with permanent observation posts, temporary checkpoints and patrols. It continued to carry out intensive construction works to strengthen and expand some of its fixed positions, install additional technical equipment, such as cameras, establish new positions close to the Blue Line and build new access roads. These measures resulted in a more strategically laid out and fortified structure of Hizbollah’s deployment along the Blue Line. Some Hizbollah positions remained in close proximity to United Nations positions, especially in the Hula area, posing a significant security risk to United Nations personnel and equipment, as demonstrated during the heavy exchanges of fire on 28 May. In letters to the Foreign Minister, dated 23 March, 27 June and 5 July 2006, the Force Commander, General Pellegrini, expressed grave concern about the Hizbollah construction works in close proximity to United Nations positions and requested that the Government of Lebanon take necessary actions to rectify the situation. However, the situation remained unchanged despite repeated objections addressed by UNIFIL to the Lebanese authorities. UNIFIL observed the reconstruction of Hizbollah positions that were damaged or destroyed during the 28 May exchange of fire.

29. UNIFIL encountered an increase of temporary denials of access by Hizbollah in different areas along the Blue Line. On one occasion Hizbollah searched a UNIFIL vehicle and temporarily confiscated United Nations equipment. In general, the Force was able to regain and assert its freedom of movement within a short period of time and, in some instances, with the assistance of the Lebanese authorities.

The UN watched and did nothing as Hezbollah -- a terrorist group and obvious provocateur against peace in the region -- built and reinforced defensive and offensive positions. The UN also watched as Hezbollah built those positions near the observer and peacekeeper posts, and did nothing to stop it. Kofi Annan could not have been unaware of the problem; the UN tried to get the Lebanese Army to address the issue to no avail.

Yet, Kofi Annan publicly accused Israel of deliberately targeting UN positions even though UNIFIL had already reported that Hezbollah had intended to use them as shields.

This shows how dishonest and biased Annan and the entire UN structure is against Israel. The UNSC issued the UNIFIL mandate to keep this kind of activity from provoking a war. Instead, the UN mission allowed Hezbollah to build its war infrastructure under their noses, even allowing Hezbollah to put the international troops at dire risk, and Turtle Bay knew all about it. (hat tip: CQ reader Raymond P)

UPDATE: Cleaned up some clumsy sentence structure.

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Posted by Ed Morrissey at July 27, 2006 8:35 PM

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