March 7, 2007

OK, Now Maher's Really Said Something Offensive

At the same time as the Ann Coulter dustup, Bill Maher came under criticism for saying on his HBO show that "more people would live" if radical Islamist terrorists had succeeded in killing Dick Cheney. Maher, who lost his last show by favorably comparing the relative courage of the 9/11 terrorists to American pilots in Yugoslavia, regularly makes outrageous statements like this, and predictably the same people who celebrated Cheney's blood clot found nothing wrong with his endorsement of vice-presidential assassinations.

However, this time Maher has gone too far. Earlier today, I got a press release from Playboy (a press release I read only for the articles, I assure you) announcing the magazine's latest installment of their storied Playboy Interview. Maher was asked about Barack Obama, and he used the "a" word:

On Barack Obama: “Barack Obama is exciting. Everyone says he’s a rock star, which is one of the most overused phrases these days; everybody’s a rock star. You know what? If you’re not getting blown after the event, you’re not a rock star. But okay, Obama is a rock star. Fine, if that’s what it takes. He seems articulate and serious and thoughtful and electable.”

Oh, my. Joe Biden got a hailstorm of criticism for using the a-word about Obama (as well as calling him the first "clean" African-American presidential candidate) in January. I expect a strongly-worded post from Oliver Willis in the near future.


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