June 2, 2007

US Navy Sends Message To Somali Islamists

A small group of Islamists suddenly appeared in a remote Somali village, attempting to set up a new base of operations. Local authorities assume they escaped from the trap at Ras Kamboni, bringing guns and small boats, and almost immediately picking fights. They thought the dense foliage around their position made them safe from concentrated attack. The US Navy has disabused them of that notion:

At least one U.S. warship bombarded a remote, mountainous village in Somalia where Islamic militants had set up a base, officials in the northern region of Puntland said Saturday. ...

A local radio station quoted Puntland's leader, Ade Muse, as saying that his forces had battled with the extremists for hours before U.S. ships arrived and used their cannons. Muse said five of his troops were wounded, but that he had no information about casualties among the extremists.

A task force of coalition ships, called CTF-150, is permanently based in the northern Indian Ocean and patrols the Somali coast in hopes of intercepting international terrorists. U.S. destroyers are normally assigned to the task force and patrol in pairs.

As many as 35 fighters may have arrived in Puntland. It's not a large force, but likely an advance group sent to find some toehold in the northern part of Somalia, in order to assist in the escape of the remaining forces in the south, where the Ethiopians and the Kenyans have them in a vise. More probes will follow, but it appears that all of the Islamists' opponents have prepared themselves for that contingency.

The US Navy has sent a message, too. We have not forgotten that the UIC hid the perpetrators of the 1998 African embassy bombings, and we consider them partners with al-Qaeda. They may think dense forests offer them protection from serious attack, but in truth it makes it easier for us to hit them, as their remote positions remove the worries of collateral damage.

In other words, they can run ... but they can't hide.


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Posted by Tom Frank | June 2, 2007 9:39 AM

Now if only the USN had some real shore bombardment capability. Apparently, it is again time to reactivate USS Iowa and USS Wisconsin.

Posted by tgharris | June 2, 2007 10:20 AM

I wonder how many of the destroyers' rounds it took to duplicate the effect of one 16" shell?

I also wonder which ships' cover fire the Marines would rather land under....these destroyers, or the two Iowa class battleships? I think I know the answer to that one.

Posted by swabjockey05 | June 2, 2007 11:27 AM

Plus, they are truly beautiful vessels!

I was aboard a BB in 1988 (or so) when she unleashed a few 9 gun salvos. Have to be there to appreciate the devastating fire power. Yes… the Marines would love to see one (or more) of these battle wagons taken out of moth balls…No…the Navy will not do it. Too many of the Brass believe the behemoths are expensive to man/operate.

Posted by NahnCee [TypeKey Profile Page] | June 2, 2007 11:54 AM

Am I right in thinking there must be an American on the ground at the receiving end to pinpoint coordinates? Or can they do that via satellite and Google maps?

Posted by Ordinary Coloradan | June 2, 2007 3:39 PM


They probably use a UAV with a camera aboard for a spotter.

Posted by exdem13 | June 2, 2007 3:41 PM

Gunboat diplomacy on the jihadis in Somalia. Woot!

OK so the shells were 5" instead of 16". Big deal, bet those 36 wanna-bes thought the sky was falling on them anyway. With rapid fire from the destroyers, those twits could've been beaten into bacon anyway. Note that the Friendlies leader said he had 5 wounded out of the engagement. Sounds like someone got the hammer....

Posted by hunter | June 2, 2007 6:35 PM

We are successfully pushing back, killing and tying down Al Qaeda worldwide. We are disrupting their plots, defeating them in Afghanistan and Iraq, and killing them elsewhere. I think it is time to start giving our side some credit, from the soldiers in the field, to the sailors at sea, to the airmen flying missions to their leaders.

Posted by jason | June 2, 2007 11:53 PM

Nice job navy, but an even bigger congrats goes to the boys from Bragg. Without you the squids woulda been firing' blind.

Posted by swabjockey05 | June 3, 2007 6:01 AM


But how do you know the boots on the ground weren't squids as well...? Have you checked out Djibouti lately? Haven’t been that many swabbies feet dry in…well…a long time.

Posted by SCATTERSHOT | June 3, 2007 6:25 AM

Check out EagleSpeak.blogspot.com this morning. He posted an informative item on the modern 5 inch gun yesterday. Range 63 miles (!) with guided ,rocket assisted shells.

Posted by millie | June 3, 2007 6:57 AM

Hunter, 'defeating them in afghanistan and iraq', are you claiming the hundreds and thousands of people killed in iraq are al-qaeda ,however due to u.s actions they soon will be. You are being humiliated by a bunch of shepherds. Bin laden what about him , defeated him ? He got away on a donkey. If americans believe this is 'defeating' then i pity you. 'Over there',do you realise your soldiers are 'over there' ,the u.s is paying with blood-young uneducated cannon fodder, being tortured ,killed ,maimed ,traumatised, suicidal . Al-qaeda must be pissing themself laughing, you have played right into their hands, isolated and hated around the world even with traditional allies, profoundley divided as a nation. Abu-graib ,gitmo ,torture ,rendition , blind to borders, not seeing life as equally important's around the world, all this is a dream come true for the terrorists. 'American dream'- i suppose it sounded good on paper. I would be grateful if anybody addresses me ,could you please not call me a terrorist loving baah blah, You need to know and pay attention to world opinion, i have decided it is my job to tell you,call me old fashioned. Go on surprise me.

Posted by steve miller | June 3, 2007 11:14 AM

"We need to pay attention to world opinion"?

How quaint.

Pray tell, which world opinion? Who determines it? Popular vote? The MSM? Your personal feelings?

Posted by brooklyn | June 3, 2007 12:19 PM

bringing the fight to the enemy...

and some have suggested the Bush Administration has gone soft in the GWOT.

complete nonsense...

the thing is, Nancy Pelosi and a number of Democrats lied to the American public about al Qaeda being in Iraq.

will we continue to self destruct and undermine those serving our interest in the GOP, ceding our future to the mindless left this 2008?

we better get it together, before it is too late...

Posted by millie | June 3, 2007 2:31 PM

Steve, interesting word to use 'quaint', also zooming in on that line intrigues me. In any walk of life having a broad understanding of cultures, history,language, explore current affairs, eager to learn, similarities and differences and respect of them adds depth to your thoughts and it is healthly to challenge and justify your views and knowledge. Are you saying that i am pollyanna for thinking americans should educate themselves on what effect this lack of insight is creating , as if you should listen and what a stupid thing to say. If that is the case then it worries me but it does explain alot. I am going to have to say something to you ,you might want to sit down...are you ready AMERICA IS NOT THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. As the events of 9/11 unfolded we (u.k) had always beleived that americans just had no idea what foreign policy done in your name led to you being attacked. We were not surprised when you all had no idea why? You didn't deserve it but there was a bit of 'now they know,' there was 100% support for americans(you even had the french saying'we are all americans'). It's the arrogance of not being interested in what non-americans think or bring is leading to bigger death count for america.Blinded by your view of being the greatest and noble blur's what you can achieve uni-laterally.It's world co-operation that will free you from iraq. Success has only happened when democracys unite. Vietnam anyone? Other countries have had their soldiers killed in iraq, to imply that there is little interest or concern show's what i thought was a stero-type of americans but it isn't, is it?

Posted by Bitter Pill | June 3, 2007 2:32 PM

millie, that post was hilarious. LOL. Keep up the comedy.

Man, if other lefties could be that funny.

Posted by Bitter Pill | June 3, 2007 2:37 PM

and millie, what is with moonbats inability to use paragraphs and spacing?

Its like one scary, insane, run on sentence.

Note to millie: find medication and double the dosage.

Posted by millie | June 4, 2007 5:41 AM

Gave you yanks a chance to justify your actions to the world community. Ignorance must be bliss for i see that you have no idea. Why do you want to call me a lefty?,yet again your lack of education is assuming that every system is based on your flawed american model. This does not bode well ,if you don't even understand the political system of your closest allie, if i'm a lefty , pray tell o dim ones, what is tony blair defined as .....in your land of right v left war, where does he fit in. Do you not know you are despised in the u.k because of your actions and attitudes , this fact unites us ,are we just jealous of your freedoms. Did anybody wonder why the u.k withdrew troops in iraq, but not towards the 'surge' . It was due to the 'whole' country not wanting our children to die for likes of you lot. Interestingly the country felt they owed the iraqi's more then americans. I don't know why but i am disappointed in you all. I am so sorry that i am using so many words in a short space i know having a big vocabulary is uncommon in the states especially with your president -he represents you well . When we debate we try not to talk in soundbites of others-it is called independent thought, you should try it.

Posted by LarryD | June 4, 2007 9:11 AM

Millie, to repeat the question asked of you before. just who is this "World Opinion" you speak of?

Name names, please.

Posted by millie | June 4, 2007 11:31 AM

Larry, are you ready. Who should have an opinion in the world? It just sums you all up for even asking that, but ok.. coalition of the willing, non evildoers, allies 'shoulder to shoulder', leaders of other countries army and elected officers representing their voters , the iraqi people, historians around the world ,my 84year old father in law, who served in ww2 and is saddened to see americans believe they saved them all,when they know the real hero's were the millions that didn't come home. Nelson Mandela , the pope, numerus countries that the u.s has bombed and elected leaders overturned for a dictator , limbless children and their deformed siblings caused by depleted uramium and white phosphate against their parents,
widow of 'friendly fire ' incident-matty hull. The point that you keep missing, is we do recognise the threat of jihad, we have had people blown up here you know, does that not matter because it was 'over there' the problem is how to deal with it . Here in the u.k we have learnt from our days of the empire and Northern Ireland. If you can't admit mistakes then you are destined to repeat it , it is not a sign of weakness. Countries that have had bombs dropped on them during ww2 and understand the futility of warfare.
Oh i forgot you will listen to your good buddies and allies saudia arabia ,WMD holding pakistan and egypt. . Why can't americans accept any form of critism. Can i just say ,you would struggle to find a different view point the mine in the u.k,except for tony blair are you aware of that?.This does not make us all american secular progressive lefty it's odd , and specific t the u.s, we don't talk like that. What label did you give tony blair ? World opinion is aimed at you all, honestly it isn't aimed just at republicans ,not many people would know of or care who nancy pelosi is, it's irrelevent. So is your 24hr cable news shows. For example ,what do you think of david cameron leader of the conservative opposition thinks about the war,?... anybody.?... it doesn't matter ,does it ? It is the same with us and your democratic leadership. Would you all dismiss my views if you were on holiday in the u.k and it all was being discussed in a social setting, can you disagree but respect another counties view, is that impossible ? Is that is why less then 25% of americans have a passport and travel. American actions around the world affects the lives of others ,we deserve to be heard . Larry whose opinion should i be hearing names, names , please.

Posted by drillanwr | June 4, 2007 3:41 PM

"'Over there',do you realise your soldiers are 'over there' ,the u.s is paying with blood-young uneducated cannon fodder, being tortured ,killed ,maimed ,traumatised, suicidal ."

I, for one, would love to be around if/when you ever grew a set and said that to the faces of some of our "uneducated cannon fodder" serving this GREAT country with a bravery and selflessness you can't even begin to comprehend ... But would damn-well welcome if you were ever in trouble.

"Why can't americans accept any form of critism."

I believe, after `saving the world' through 2 world wars, and quite possibly about to `save' it again from this evil that you (and the rest of Eurabia) are obviously blind, deaf and dumb to, WE, the dreaded "americans" have more than EARNED the right to thumb our nose at `any form of critism'.

I would wager Global Warming is your main fear and concern ...

Posted by millie | June 5, 2007 5:23 AM

Drillanwar, sorry ,how do many of your young people pay for college?, what is the demographic of the soldiers dying in iraq?,which sections of society are suffering the most and paying the highest price ?. If you had any knowledge outside your land you would understand that the words 'cannon fodder' was used to account for the millions of deaths in ww1 and ww2.I am so sorry i am at fault to think you americans may have a wide base of knowledge and vocabulary. Young working class men were sent to die in the trenches,while the rich got richer, they were scarificed, that term is used to remind people of the futility of this and equality in life and death,that is why the people of the u.k would kindly wave off prince harry. . My god ,you are worse then i thought.. saved us! You were neutral for 2 years during the battle of britian, but yes was selling both sides equipment . You didn't even declare war ,japan and germany did on you.The marshall plan did help to rebuild europe whose infrastructure was fucked,but it was in the u.s's best interest, and obviously as you know, the war debt for this time has only just in dec 06 been paid of. Yes 60 years of repayment, that is saving us,is it.? If that is so, does that mean we should all follow and die for you,you would respect us then would you? Well our soldiers have ,not much respect shown to them,bet you couldn't name one or know how many? U.S miliatry loss is shown in the u.k, names,pictures,families we see and mourn your loss,do you, ours? . Finally no matter how many times i say that your left/right war is peculiar to your land you seem unable to comprehend this....do .not...understand....critising america.....must be ......left wing americans....hate....america...evildoers.....treehugging abortionist... athiests. The lack of understanding that i am from the u.k debating our/your foreign policy seems beyond you all, and makes me think you are just a bunch of tit's. What is the problem? Do you have to put people in labelled boxes? That is not politic's that is religion, please explore the differences. I feel i am being judged on YOUR political divide ,missing the point, and can see why you are having problems with worldwide diplomacy.

Posted by drillanwr | June 5, 2007 9:56 AM

"If you had any knowledge outside your land ..."

DO NOT try to discredit me, or any other poster for that matter, by insulting our intelligence via our knowledge (as we are leagues above you) and our vocabulary (as you can't even seem to put together a simple sentence or paragraph to convey a lucid thought or idea.)

"I am so sorry i am at fault to think you americans may have a wide base of knowledge and vocabulary. "

As much as you THINK you know, you know 100 times less. No red-blooded Brit would be slaughtering the English language the way you are. And no true Westerner would twist history and facts the way you are. So, I must conclude you are an interloper in the
U. K.

"how do many of your young people pay for college?, what is the demographic of the soldiers dying in Iraq?"

Contrary to what your warped mind is churning out your finger tips, the vast majority of our `young people' do not go into the military to pay for college, and not all those who go into the military go on to college when their VOLUNTARY commitment is up. As for the demographic of the soldiers dying in Iraq ... Well, it is the same `demographic' as all soldiers who have died in every war since the dawn of mankind.

Your arguments are baseless, lame, and, frankly, taken directly from the fascist left antiwar handbook. You should pay better attention to the punctuation and grammar therein ... Or is it actually printed on the pages the way you are transferring them to the computer?

"Finally no matter how many times i say that your left/right war is peculiar to your land ..."

And on and on with your anti-American tripe. You, my non-friend, are the one who is at a complete lack of education.

I suppose I should cut you some slack as I suspect:

1) you are a rather young fool who has grown up on the socialist government's tit all your life

2) or, that you have grown up under the threat of your head becoming separated from your body

Those who have NOT grown up in the United States cannot even begin to appreciate what our nation has fought so hard to build, and continues to fight to preserve.

"The marshall plan did help to rebuild europe whose infrastructure was fucked ..."

As for your complaining about paying your `war debt' ... Well now, next time maybe we just won't come running to save your ass. (And that time is coming sooner than your little mind can think ...)

You're right. We should've left your `infrastructure'. After all, the Nazis would be needing it in 2007, you ungrateful fool.

Posted by millie | June 5, 2007 1:36 PM

drill, i know i ramble on , if that condemns me then imagine what it is like listening to your president. Are you saying i am isolated from my country for expressing these views. If so then your more brainwashed than i thought. The internet is in front of you ,explore. I can't address the fascist thing because i am pissing myself laughing, the irony is palpable. Your nation is divided politically. What we see is a whole nation split itself in two, have a tick list and then attack each others views ,not discuss. Maybe i am not explaining myself very well, it's just in the u.k certain things transcend party politics.

Tony Blair is/was leader of labour-left wing ,he has actually invested more tax money and resources into the social institutions then anyone else. Even our conservative party want to maintain this. American seems entrenched in social issues(gay marriage,abortion even iraq} based on if you vote left or right.

If i am wrong just explain to me why i go on american websites to read other views.

again you are making me see that yanks have no idea about other countries , including the u.k. Capitalism engulfs your land and if that is what you want , then fine, i wouldn't and don't condemn you all. But there is a deep belief here that health especially ,should not be income led. Is this belief abused ? .... Absolutley,

Do we get angry...yep. I actually work in the n.h.s as a midwife, we are getting flooded with non-english speaking asylum seekers using our aservices for free.

I am not always so generous of spirit{an afghani patient complaining about air conditioning stretches me}.

It was shocking to watch katrina enfold.I am not arsed about the leadership ,lack of planning following the event,thats up to you lot. What we saw was grinding poverty, huge inequalities appalling living conditions that leads to social unrest. The richest country in the world who has the biggest rich/poor divide.

Seeing people's lives financially destroyed because they become ill just doesn't sit well. I am not saying we are better and our way always works, but it's what we want.

Could you please explain what 'anti-american' means before i address that. When has america ran to save my arse, just for liberty, freedom with no national interest, i don't recall even a jog . It was pearl habour that forced you, not out of concern for my bum. Nothing noble, that too is ok but just admit it. Didn't do too much saving when your government turned a blind eye to irish americans funding the IRA terrorists, who blew up british and irish civilians. Even tony blair pleaded for it to stop.

Bars in boston used to sell drinks called 'kill a brit' and 'car bomb',but you still invited them for a sing-a-long in the whitehouse.

Karma- who do think invented the road side bomb.? Peter king even threw a 50yrs birthday party for gerry adams, we had to watch hiliary clinton shove her tongue down martin mcguinness 'throat(a self confessed i.r.a commander} This issue is big here,especially on 9/11. How many new york firemen and police supported this terrorism from afar, it is different when it affects you.

It was only after 9/11 that the IRA was put on the terrorist list. You still won't extradite wanted i.r.a men,because they believe they won't get a fair trial! If i have to be grateful to the u.s for WW2, then we both should go and thank russia....anybody up for that. ? ,no , it was a coalition ,but it is only america that thinks they won it on it's own. I suppose if you get your history from hollywood.

How did you do on your own in vietnam without us all? Even you lot must see that a broad international force is better ,even just to spread out the lives lost. I am a 41 yr old(oh my god i have just written that) I mean 31yr old irish catholic mother of two from liverpool. I do have a head and i am not wearing a burqua. Does that make any difference, what did you think the u.k's view was? I will leave with the words of my fellow liverpudlian,-john lennon- 'you may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one,some day you'll join us and the world will be as one.'(that was meant to sound cheesy}

Posted by drillanwr | June 6, 2007 9:17 AM

Brainwashed? You are the most idiotic person I have ever debated. You assume and presume a hell of a lot more than you are humanly permitted to. Shall I throw the `brainwashed' term back in your face??!!

You check the Internet and discover the truth to the WMD, if you dare step outside your narcissistic box.

"...it's just in the u.k certain things transcend party politics ..."

Yeah, right, and obviously dentistry ...

As for you visiting "american" web sites (Do you have an aversion to your [Caps] button on your keypad??), I believe it would be VERY telling as to exactly which ones you "visit" for your view of "america".

Since the beginning of our nation our politics has been divided. So the hell what??!! You think only one view or way of thinking is only acceptable for a nation? Excuse me, they tried that in the U.S.S.R.

I really find your commenting on my country's politics asinine. It's really none of your business. For the record, I have been a member of both parties since I have been old enough to vote. SEE, we have a choice. We are not being forced to join. The divide you claim to be so concerned about is typical, but since President Bush (and HE IS PRESIDENT! He won in 2000, even after nearly two dozen `recounts', and won in 2004 ... get the hell over it!) got into office the media has been the hand puppet of the liberal democrat party in this country that wants to do away with our Constitution and rights and carve us into another U.S.S.R. Yes, we are a Capitalist society / country. You, and the rest of the world, should be damn grateful for that. The world economy depends on that.

Pres. Gerald Ford said something years ago that hold true today, "A coalition of groups is waging a massive propaganda campaign against the president of the United States. An all-out attack. Their aim is total victory for themselves and total defeat for him."


" I actually work in the n.h.s as a midwife, we are getting flooded with non-english speaking asylum seekers using our aservices for free."

Gee, I guess that's when your `medical system' isn't trying desperately to eradicate Down Syndrome and autistic people from your populace via abortions ... and then referring to pregnant mothers who refuse testing for such and abortions as "Genetic Outlaws" ... Shove your `free services'. FREE IS NEVER FREE, Mate! In some places in our country our school, hospital, and court systems are sapped by such `asylum seekers'. But you're so much holier than us, so you can have them.

"It was shocking to watch katrina enfold.I am not arsed about the leadership ,lack of planning following the event,thats up to you lot. What we saw was grinding poverty, huge inequalities appalling living conditions that leads to social unrest. The richest country in the world who has the biggest rich/poor divide. "

YOUR perception,. and the world's, is incredibly WARPED regarding this matter. You have NO concept of the history of the New Orleans area (which IS well below sea level with the Gulf on one side, a massive lake on another, and a river on the third. N.O. is nothing more than a bowl that, in the past, usually was flooded ... until the French decided it would make a swell city to build on (figures). New Orleans, as well as Louisiana, has ALWAYS been a hotbed of political corruption (always ruled and run by the democrat party in this country). Over the years millions and millions has been sent to that city for use in fixing and correcting the looming levee problem. SURPRISE! The democrat politicians did NOT use the money for that job. Everyone in the U.S. knew it was only a matter of time that such disaster would hit New Orleans ... and they knew it too. Your concept that everyone in New Orleans were so poor is exactly the crap the news media fed to you, and you swallowed it. You also swallowed the following spoonfuls that "Bush" and the federal government failed New Orleans. NOPE. In our country we have state's rights. That means the local city, county, and state governments are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the welfare and safety of their citizens. What you saw in the Katrina / New Orleans `drama' was a major collapse and failure of those city, county, and state government officials ... NOT `BUSH'. Contrary to socialist governments, or any other country in the world you believe we `americans' are ignorant of, our federal government and our President CANNOT! just storm into a state and take over. The state's governor HAS TO REQUEST the situation to be federalized. IF `BUSH' and the feds had stormed into Louisiana and New Orleans those bitching now would be screaming that he was a criminal for over-stepping his and the federal government's jurisdiction and duties. IT IS IN OUR CONSTITUTION!!! (I really find it nauseating for you to continue to insist we are the ignorant ones when your views are so simplistic and unknowledgeable it's to puke ... Your brain and opinions operate under the assumption that you know our Constitution, Bill Of Rights, federal, state and local laws. YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY FAR LESS THAN YOU BELIEVE YOU KNOW!!! In other words, you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Let me make it crystal clear: KATRINA / NEW ORLEANS WAS NOT "BUSH'S FAULT!!!" Nor was it our federal government's fault ... or the fault of the `american' people. Fault for the failures in New Orleans, in order of direct responsibility:

1) Individual citizens persona responsibility

2) Local (city / county) governments

3) State government

4) The news media

Not one of the above did their jobs, or did what they were supposed to do. THEY FAILED THEMSELVES. And like spoiled children were quick to point the finger of blame at the federal government and the President ... as they stood there with loads of failure all over their faces. By the way, the President called the Louisiana governor several times begging her to take the storm seriously. Also, federal aid and assistance was sitting just outside the city after the storm waiting to come in, but the local city officials would not let them in. Some assistance was apprehensive about entering the city of New Orleans because the liberal news media was reporting massive murder, rapes, violence ... (These rescue and assistance folks DO NOT carry guns to protect themselves ... In addition to being `kept out' by the local government, they would have been fools to rush in there on such a suicide mission ...) It was found, months later, that the mainstream news media was completely WRONG about what they were reporting.

What you didn't see was a picture of hundreds of school and city busses that could have carted `the poor' out of the city. What you didn't see were the pictures of perfectly good cars floating in the flood waters. Yes, we have state's rights and responsibilities on the government end ... but each and every damn citizen has PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. THEY WERE WARNED FOR DAYS Katrina was coming! THEY KNEW THE LEVEES WOULD NOT HOLD!!!

I could care less about your problems with Ireland (which England brought on itself via its treatment of the Irish over the centuries ...). How dare you presume to preach to me when you accepted such `apartheid' in the U. K. You people will never get past that bucket of pain and trouble until you face it and acknowledge your own sins. After, people such as you always insist we Yanks continually pay for slavery in this country ... when it was the Brits who brought it here as a business a long time before we declared independence from you.

Your historical concept of the U.S. part in WWII is twisted and narcissistic, to say the least. Okay, don't give us filthy yanks any credit for anything. Our country was in a massive Depression, and our military, post-WWI, had been scaled down in order to free up funding for `social programs'. We were in no position to just jump into Europe. YES! Japan attacked us!!! But war had NOT been declared prior to that day ... TODAY, as a matter of damn fact!!! It took our military a few years to train and build-up enough to consider entering ANOTHER WAR in Europe!!! (You know, why don't you blame the damn French, huh? Know your history, because you really don't know as much as you claim to.) You minimize the U.S.A.'s part in WWII all you want ... Go ahead. I do recall we sent food to England during and after the war to keep you from starving, while many of our folks back in the states were lined up for a crust of bread and a bowl of lurky soup for a day's meal. Yes, and thank Russia. As I recall, the U.S.S.R. kept half of Europe after WWII!!! We didn't keep a handful of dirt!!!

As for your concern with people not getting medical care in `america', NO ONE is turned away from our emergency rooms. And I will NOT go into how crippling that is to individual hospitals who experience this. Your concept of our `poor' is lacking in context. Yeah, we have them too ... but then you see reports on how OVERWEIGHT the poor are in this country. Another FACT you are missing from your highly negative opinion of the devil `america' is that we have free (taxpayers would argue that) public education through high school graduation. Our biggest cities that get tagged as the poorest in the nation (say Cleveland, Ohio) are spending the most per student per school year, and the kids are failing. Why? Well, how about they don't give a flying damn ... and neither do their parents who believe the public school system in this country is meant to be a babysitter for their illegitimate kids, while they sit at home collecting the welfare check, subsidized by illegal drug money. THEY believe the government owes them. What you saw in New Orleans was a prime example of "the welfare state".

Also, Pres. Gerald Ford said, "Government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."

I happen to believe that as much as I believe in G-d.

Posted by drillanwr | June 6, 2007 12:25 PM

Oh, and in addition to our `poor' being overweight, they are, for the most part, in possession of some pretty top of the line cars, cell phones, blackberries, and audio/ video set-ups in their vehicles, as well as in their homes.

Posted by drillanwr | June 6, 2007 1:07 PM

Oh! Pt. 2:

Debunking The Myths of Katrina - March 2006 Cover Story
The Lessons of Katrina


Not So Poor: The luxury of American poverty - Census Bureau definitions too wide - Brief Article


Posted by drillanwr | June 6, 2007 4:35 PM

[YES! Japan attacked us!!! But war had NOT been declared prior to that day ... TODAY, as a matter of damn fact!!! ]

In my fervor to post I erroneously mixed up the two dates. Today is the Anniversary of D-Day ... The day we `americans' invaded Europe and began f-ing up yours and Europe's `infrastructure'. The day nearly 3000 died in pursuit of saving Europe from the Nazis, and from their own narcissistic complaisance. I would think losing that many in the first day of a war makes up for your insolent complaints about the `americans' not joining in sooner ... but maybe not.

Posted by millie | June 7, 2007 6:26 AM

'Most idiotic person', cheers my dear. If that is true then you mustn't of debated with anyone from the u.k never mind europe.Do you still believe thats it is only, rambler me that is 'anti- american'(still haven't defined that for me).
'obviously dentistry'
Drill really how pathetic is that,you should be ashamed .I have managed to find a Brit whose teeth you may approve of..
So i shouldn't really comment on your nations politic's as it is none of my buisness. Please tell me that was tongue in cheek and introducing irony to me.
Being called that by a bush loving resident of the U .S of A is surreal .I have repeatedly checked the oxford.
definition- Inordinate fascination with oneself,excessive selflove,vanity.
gratification devived from admiration of one's own physical or mental attributes being a normal condition at the infantile level of personality develpoment.
HMM, SOUND FAMILIAR?' God bless the greatest nation ever made , god chose americans as exceptional people to show the grunts of the world what number one at everything looks like,if they don't listen or disagree shoot them. I am merely an 'ungrateful fool', you have stated and we (the world) should be 'damn grateful' you also mentioned.
'medical system isn't trying......
That is most disgusting statements ever addressed to me while discussing topic's on line.It show's little taste,culture or class.
Again,again,again.Just because in the u.s you are so predictable when the left is anti-war ,pro-abortion,pro immigration and the right is pro war,pro life,restrict immigration does not mean other countries follow the same creed. How many times.I am unwilling to discuss something so senstive and personal with someone lacking finese.
God you rambled on nearly as bad as me.
REWIND-history of neworleans- political history of new orleans-not relevant to my point
Preparation for the storm,coordination,evacuation,rebuilding etc..not relevent for me
My Point
America sells itself around the world as a nation to aspire to ,that everbody must envy, create ourselves in your image(go usa,usa-number one) The american dream at a point of a gun.
Reality-social,racial division,high unemployment area's of high crime,lowest child immunisation,high teenage pregnancy,low educational levels obtained,fractured families.Police running away,killing and raping eachother,looting. Very odd seeing armed rescue workers -shooting to kill, if you compared americans response to it with the floods in mumbai two weeks before it laid bare a section of america that doesn't fit the 'brand' It is nothing to do with welfare it is nature.Oh yes your government refused international help due to ego,You were mocked and it did weaken you.

Posted by Asmodai | June 7, 2007 7:04 AM

Drill, I think if you stopped insulting her she might actually listen to you. The info you are providing is absolutely outstanding. Millie, on Katrina, I might be wrong but I doubt that I am because I was actually there: There were Canadian troops in N.O. during the aftermath. And so what if we did refuse? 2d and 4th Marine divisions were there with Amphibious Assault Vehicles (floating tanks basically), our Navy and Coast Guard provided medical care and our National Guard handled the policing of the city. We can handle ourselves thank you.

Posted by drillanwr | June 7, 2007 8:35 AM

Asmodai -

The "insults" are observations as to why, after several posted responses to millie, she can't seem to get anything into her head that has been said by me and other posster responses to her on this board. She `knows all' and is judge and jury on anything `american'.

Unbelievably, she has discounted the U.S.A.'s part in the victory in WWII, and has gone so low as to complain about paying back war debt to the USA, and how we `f - ed up' their infrastructure and forced them to have to rebuild during WWII.

Good luck trying to `get through to her'. She has a very closed mind. What bothers me more than her views, twisted as they are, is her incredible inability to construct a simple sentence with proper punctuation and capitals. If you scroll to where she began posting on this thread you will se `millie' jumped on her with insults hurling at `america' and `americans'. Attempts by myself and others to serve her with facts and cognitive thoughts has seemed to had the effect of talking to a wall. She believes she knows ALL there is to know about `america', but `americans' are total ignoramuses about, not only the rest of the world, but about our own country. This goes back to my previous remark about her continued inability to put on the screen an intelligent thought in sentence form that doesn't look as if a drunkard is typing between hiccups.

Here, millie. I'll define anti-American for you, not that it will sink into your skull and reach whatever brain you are in possession of. Anti-American is exactly what you are doing and saying. Insulting America and Americans by:

1) NOT capitalizing the "A" in `america' or `americans' as a snide insult to our importance.

2) continually cutting down everything America has ever done and continues to do, with the insinuation that `america' is the biggest and only problem and enemy in the world, when exactly the opposite is true.

3) Deciding because we Americans are patriotic, stand by our country and President that we are, in your insulting terms, "brainwashed".

God you rambled on nearly as bad as me.
REWIND-history of neworleans- political history of new orleans-not relevant to my point
Preparation for the storm,coordination,evacuation,rebuilding etc..not relevent for me"

`not relevent for me', millie??!!! Really? So, the direct cause of the effect of the storm Katrina is NOT relevant? Hmmm . . . The facts presented to you about WHY New Orleans flooded and the people there were trapped for days is `not relevent for me', when you bring up the damn storm and disaster in argument. Why bring it up if you don't want to know the truth about responsibility. And what? ME RAMBLE??!! Supplying YOU with direct facts and truths about what you saw is rambling?!? (How on Earth did you come to be a midwife in a hospital?) I provided you with the facts and information relating to why and what you were seeing in the pictures on your TV about Katrina. WHO was responsible for what happened, and why. THAT IS extremely relevant and important, most especially if you sit there and presume to place blame. The U.S.A. is NOT a nanny state. Americans are expected to hold personal responsibilities for themselves and their families. Our government has a direct succession line of personal responsibilities. Either you are unable to, or unwilling to understand that. And yes, your criticism of our political system is out of line, millie. It is the system we chose for ourselves, and one our military men and women have fought bravely to protect and preserve. And for the record, I never said we were better than you. It is nearly obvious, although further study would need to be done to come to a conclusion, that you suffer from a persecution complex of sorts.

"Again,again,again.Just because in the u.s you are so predictable when the left is anti-war ,pro-abortion,pro immigration and the right is pro war,pro life,restrict immigration does not mean other countries follow the same creed. How many times.I am unwilling to discuss something so senstive and personal with someone lacking finese."

Umm, HUH??!! WHAT? All I can derive from that strand of alphabet characters you have strung together is that YOU have decided my observations about your politics is TOO `sensitive' to discuss, and that I am a person with no `class' or education, intelligence or `finesse' to match you in a discussion of such. I find that incredibly interesting because I have been a professional writer for years ... And before you ask what I have written, don't bother, as I am sure it will only send you into another illegible frenzy.

The truth is, millie, I DO correspond with people from around the world: England, France, Belgium, Germany, The Czech Republic, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hungary, Ireland, Australia, Japan ... Shall I continue, or are those not considered other countries ... other people?

For the record, the citizens of the U.S. are not anti-immigration. We are anti illegal immigration. That means people who break the laws of our sovereign country by crossing our borders without proper documentation (passports, visas, et al), without proper medical or criminal screening, and drawing off this country's already over-taxed `social programs', hospitals, and public school systems ... without ever dropping one cent into the taxes that the rest of us pay to provide such things. NO OTHER COUNTRY would ever permit me to just cross their borders without proper documentation, let alone live in that country and vote, and receive social services that I am not entitled to. Why is it you, and the rest of the world, think the United States should accept this blatant violation of our laws, when in cold hard fact no other country would on their own soil??? At the turn of the last Century my Grandmother came to America with her mother and siblings. My Grandmother became ill on the ship from the vaccines she received before leaving Europe, and from sea sickness on the ship. At port in New York she was removed from her family and examined by several doctors to be certain she was not carrying a contagious disease before she was allowed to stay and enter our population. Now, that might seem unreasonable to someone of your massive knowledge ... To expect people who are coming to our country to do it through proper channels, and not break our laws that the rest of us have to follow.

You know, millie, I have really lost my patience with you on all matters. Your mind is locked away in your own Utopia, and you have not the ability to learn anything outside your own orb. Go back and read your own posts on this thread. You are the one who began this dialog through insults and rhetoric. You cannot expect that you would not be challenged. If you did, you are poorly mistaken.

And so, millie, I end my limited correspondence with you here and now, as, in the words of one of our `ugly american' sayings, I am "beating a dead horse" ... I really do wish good luck to you when the jihad hits the fan in your country .

Posted by drillanwr | June 7, 2007 8:42 AM

Asmodai -

{that has been said by me and other posster responses to her on this board.}

For the record: THAT IS NOT what I typed. In this site posting my comments it has somehow posted things wrongly.

My original reads: "... that has been said by me and other POSTED responses to her on this board ..."

So, any other `mistakes' found throughout the rest of my post above ARE NOT on my original copy ...

Again, much luck trying to get through to millie.

Posted by millie | June 7, 2007 10:09 AM

hello asmodai,
Is there any issues that your left/right agree on.Also is there any foreign policy that the right wing would or has critised.
Drill wouldn't tell me, you see because i have already been saved twice by you all

. Also he is still in the process of saving me and mine so i should just be grateful, america doesn't have to explain or LISTEN to other....oh allies because you have.'earned the right to thumb our nose'.

That was a big story overs were filled with' we help you ,we always run to save you,and now the rest of world just leaves to it',as usual . While my son and daughter were making shoeboxes with there toys and treats, Bush was on the telly saying, the world could send best wishes,and prayers, america takes care of it's own
He looked like he/they would rather cut his dick of then accept help. from 'the rest of the world.'

Posted by millie | June 7, 2007 11:02 AM

drill, .
I really didn't what to say this, but your really are going on about gramma etc, i have a form of cerebrel palsy , it causes word blindess,and jumble.
I know you have found me hard to follow,but i wanted to post on my own,not my sister typing for me.
Your right i have had enough, when you get attacked again and blubber why do they hate us ,let me know i will clear it up.