September 5, 2007

Presidential Debate Live Blog & Roundtable At Heading Right

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Tonight, the crew at Heading Right will live-blog the Republican presidential debate in New Hampshire. The debate starts at 8 pm CT and runs to 9:30 pm CT on Fox News Channel. We'll have several of our A-list hosts commenting on the debate in real time, so be sure to keep hitting the refresh button and follow along with the analysis.

At 10 pm CT, I'll moderate a post-debate roundtable with four BTR hosts. Fausta Wertz, Rick Moran, Jim Lynch, and Mac Ranger will review the event and talk about the high and low points for the participants. I imagine we'll also discuss Fred Thompson's decision to announce tomorrow rather than earlier and miss this debate. Be sure to tune in!

UPDATE AND BUMP: We're under way!


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Posted by FedUp | September 5, 2007 4:29 PM

So Fred would rather play with Leno than to get into the fray with the rest of the GOP candidates. I must say that I'm disappointed that he's blowing off the chance to add his two cents, but since I think he's an empty suit, it really doesn't matter.

Posted by Peter | September 5, 2007 5:50 PM

I bet there are a lot of fed-up former "Fred-heads" out there. If you're looking for a new canidate, look no further than Gov. Mike Huckabee! :)

Posted by American Daughter | September 5, 2007 6:09 PM

That guy Fred is canny. He's not going to MISS this debate. He's going to UPSTAGE this debate. He is, after all, an accomplished actor.

Leno will have easily twice the viewing numbers as the debate. So it is not only a clever bit of one-upsmanship, it is also a smart PR decision.

Afterwards, it will be interesting to see who gets the most buzz -- another dull and predictable debate, or some Leno zingers. Since Leno gets quoted A LOT, I'm betting on Fred.

Posted by The Real Sporer | September 5, 2007 7:21 PM

Tonight should be more interesting than the previous debates. The candidates are getting better, the real tests (Iowa chief among them) are growing closer and the strategies are becoming more defined.

Fox is reporting that Rudy still intends to go after only Ds-probably a pretty smart move since most of the Rs would rather hear bad things about Ds than about Rs. It creates the appearance of being a party leader, and God knows that leadership fills a vacuum.

Huck has been consistently the best debater and this is his first debate after the straw poll win I think. Since about 50-60 percent of Iowa caucus goers are watching tonight I think this could be a big moment for Huck.

Mitt is pretty much always good, never seems to have been the best debater but is never far off the mark either.

McCain-he lacks spontaneity and just seems old in these debates.

Still, don't you long for a real "Lincoln-Douglas" three hour set to, with no moderator and only rules are to limit time.

Posted by J'hn1 | September 5, 2007 9:34 PM

One thing that I suspect is not exactly a coincidence.
The new Law and Order season is about due.
I would not be surprised if NBC didn't press to get as much in before Fred declared as they could.
If it is an IOU, or THompson's efforts to see that his former employer didn't get hurt, or something else, ...
I believe that it was a factor at some level.

Posted by Carol Herman | September 5, 2007 10:09 PM

It's possible that in the past when we got our analysis done by the pundits; since we had to seek them out like high priests; and turn the dial to them. When they talked we were ready to "receive."

The Internet is a whole new ballgame. We're doing the digesting.

And, the boob tube? Delivering images that these practiced politicians are familiar with ...

Still UP AT DRUDGE, right now, is a link to McCain, calling a kid a "little jerk." It's quick enough. From U-Tube. And, you see McCain. On stage. With his mike in his hands; getting this question from the audience, where he's being asked "if he got Alzheimer's while in office, what would happen, then?" So, McCain milks his answer. And, yes; he can't help himself. He calls the kid a "little jerk." Which the audience finds very funny. So, McCain then adds: "And, you're drafted."

Does this work better in a small room, than on U-Tube?

Will other images from tonight pop up?

While up at Lucianne, there's discussion about the debates. And, someone included their feelings about Fred Thompson, not being up to snuff. He says everything about Fred's scripted. No one knows how sharp he'd be if he were out there, and had to answer questions, peppered at him, off the cuff. NOT part of a script. Well?

I think the Internet, here, will work like a prism. We'll sort through it.

Meanwhile, up at Drudge, Larry Craig didn't resign! All he said was that he has an "INTENT" to resign.

So some politicians put word-games into play. And, this "gay" schtick will be hanging around a bit longer. Since men can do what they want, as long as there's adult consent. And, we know that stage wasn't reached in the "wide-eagled" spread, getting one leg to wander into another stall's occupant. With hand signals that would make the deaf proud.

Some GOP POS's can do more harm by not exiting, than not.

Oh, and up at Little Green Footballs, some people are trying to guess whose the "next little indian" that falls out of the nomination race. Brownback's leading the pack. (No. Not Ron Paul.)

Posted by Carol Herman | September 5, 2007 10:19 PM

The Real Sporer. I like your analysis.

But don't forget, the Lincoln-Douglas debates came about because Lincoln purposely went out to the venues where the more famous Douglas was going about, and talking "alone."

Both men were famous for their debating skills. But Douglas had the edge.

Both men were also vying for the same senate seat.

And, to get rid of Lincoln, busting into Douglas' party; Douglas saw an advantage to "limiting Lincoln" to seven debates. (Instead of finding him at every single campaign stop.)

In today's environment, there's way too much scripting. And, we aren't down to "two candidates," left standing.

I also think both Huckabee and Fred Thompson have the "most" appeal to the winning nominee; because it "balances" the ticket. Here? The one who gets the most TV exposure might get the nod? So, it's sort'a a "door prize" hanging there.

If Guiliani makes it to the top? He's got to balance the ticket, in order to keep conservatives happy. And, there ya go. Duncan Hunter is California?

Sporer, could you do another analysis, where you go through the possibilities? Just to see which combination brings in the broadest results?

I'm not kidding. THe "most" conservative? Or the one with an ability to appeal through the tube? Where the "conservative" record ... is as Ann Coulter said one night on Drudge. "Look, in all the states where conservatives vote in winning candidates; the candiates just say "enough" to get those votes. It's not wholehearted at all." Yeah. I know, I heard it a few weeks ago, on a Sunday night. On Drudge. But it stuck in the memory.

As to Fred coming up soon on Leno? That's not a show that catches conservatives. What if this "entry" backfires? Well, we will know by t'marra; if Fred Thompson released his site-meter's count.

Posted by Carol Herman | September 5, 2007 10:27 PM

Just to keep things clear, I added the VEEP's slot! Not that a candidate has to take one of the "losers" from the list. But, why not? The SOUTH needs to be covered, if the top of the tiket comes from the EAST.

Just as Mark Warner's not commiting yet to a race for John Warner's senate seat. John's a republican. And, ot running again. And, Mark Warner is the Bonkey former governor of Virginia. WHo is supposed to be such a hot ticket; he can claim the VEEP slot on the Bonkey stage. (Well, if Obama got it, you'd get two blacks running for prez and vice-prez.)

Any-hoo, we may be watching a race, for the GOP, for TWO SLOTS. Not just one. Anyone strike you as ahead for a second place finish?

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