October 24, 2007

Heading Right Radio: Deception; DREAM Act


Today on Heading Right Radio (2 pm CT), we will hear from the authors of Deception: Pakistan, the United States, and the Secret Trade in Nuclear Weapons. Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark of the Guardian lay out the case that the US and its allies enabled the Pakistani nuclear program through every administration since Jimmy Carter, and have a large responsibility for the proliferation that resulted. They argue that the US has ignored and altered intelligence that warned of these consequences for thirty years and has tied itself to a nation that hardly qualifies as an ally to the West.

We're also going to talk with Heritage Foundation scholar Brian Darling about the DREAM Act, which is being argued today in the US Senate.

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Posted by ordi | October 24, 2007 12:28 PM

Drudge has BLOWN THE LID OFF of Beauchamp and THE NEW REPUBLIC


Posted by Glenn Howard | October 24, 2007 3:38 PM

Captain Ed,

I would love to listen to Blog Talk Radio as I used to. Confusing as it used to be to figure out which options were which, I used to be able, by trial and error, to click on a link that would provide a live stream or clip that I could listen to, despite my 56K dialup bandwidth. Alas, with the redesign of the page that is no longer possible. If you don't really care to have low bandwidth listeners, there's no need to read any further. If you do, I can tell you what it will take. A) An initial page that is not bandwidth- intensive and therefore renders quickly. B) On that page, a clearly marked link to a low bandwidth clip or stream able to be played in the user's own standalone player. Anything more complex or propietary than this invites unlistenability. Some websites that cater to low-bandwidth users excellently and that could be used as models are C-SPAN (live streaming is ideal, clips not really; here is the URL for their live streaming - http://c-span.org/watch/index.asp?Cat=TV&Code=CS), Wisconsin Public Radio's Ideas Network (Live Stream - http://www.wpr.org/webcasting/live.cfm, Archived Clips - http://www.wpr.org/ideas/programnotes.cfm), WAMU {Diane Rehm Show, for example; Live stream and some archived clips on the same page - http://wamu.org/programs/dr/).

It's your show and your site and of course you must do as you think best, but I hope you will consider making your show within reach of those of us in the financially constrained and therefore technologically archaic portion of your potential listnership.

Thanks in any event,
Glenn Howard

Posted by Richard Disney | October 24, 2007 3:56 PM

Ed, Another great radio show. Great guest straight from the streets of New York City.

On a technical note, the type chats that I have participated in on blogtalkradio are excruciatingly slow when t y p e i n g e a c h l e t t e r.

Yours is not the only show where this has happened, it also happened to me on Andrea Shae-King's show.

My keyboard is working fine now.

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