October 29, 2007

Rock Star Or Novelty Act?

The Los Angeles Times takes a critical look at the Barack Obama phenomenon — or rather, the apparent non-phenomenon. They headline the piece, “Polls don’t reflect Obama’s star power”, a self-contradicting statement, since popularity forms both star power and poll standing. It speaks to both a misrepresentation of Obama’s attraction from the very beginning and the media narrative that has tried mightily to keep interest in a Democratic primary that was long ago a foregone conclusion.

Hey, Weird Al Yankovic has star power, too, but don't expect him to headline a Monsters of Rock concert. At Heading Right, I point out that there is a large difference between being a rock star and a novelty act. Obama has charisma but no experience, no heft, and it has shown in his campaign this year. Iowans have responded better to John Edwards than Barack Obama, and neither of them have a chance against Hillary Clinton, even as warm-up bands. The media's search for a narrative goes on.


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