November 2, 2007

Update On The Heading Right Challenge

On Monday, I issued a challenge to six Democratic presidential candidates to reach across the aisle and appear on Heading Right Radio to broaden their message to Americans across the political spectrum. This challenge came out of a great discussion we had on the Heading Right Radio show that day about the impulse towards echo chambers in American politics. After considering the issue after the end of the show, I wrote:

In order to improve the tone, I've decided to invite the Democratic presidential candidates to appear on Heading Right Radio for an interview and a chance to speak to the reasonable, rational people of the center-right and conservativism. Those who have heard my interviews know that I allow guests to speak their minds, do not interrupt, and treat them with respect even when I disagree with them. With that in mind, I have sent e-mail requests for these interviews to the following candidates:

Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John Edwards
Bill Richardson
Joe Biden
Chris Dodd

How well has this outreach worked? As I predicted on my show, I have yet to receive any takers for the challenge. That's not to say that I haven't heard from the campaigns. I have been added to the junk-mail distribution from both the Barack Obama and John Edwards campaigns, so now I get e-mail daily from both.

Nevertheless, the offer still stands. I pledge that I will treat any candidate as respectfully and warmly as any I have already interviewed on my show, including Senator John McCain, Senator Fred Thompson, Governer Mitt Romney, Governor Mike Huckabee, and Congressman Duncan Hunter. Any HRR guest will get fair and relevant questions, as well as enough time to answer them at length. Their campaigns will have access to the full audio file of the podcast for their own purposes.

I'm right here, and checking my e-mail all day long. Let's talk.

Note: Ron Paul hasn't returned my e-mail, either.


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