November 8, 2007

Rudy Giuliani On Heading Right Radio Tomorrow

Tomorrow on Heading Right Radio, we'll broadcast live again from the BlogWorld Expo. Duane Patterson will join us at the BlogTalkRadio booth to do our normal Friday Week in Review, which runs 90 minutes. We will also have our first blog interview with Rudy Giuliani, who spoke to us between appointments today for a quick recorded interview.

Giuliani talked about:

* The Robertson endorsement -- He sees this as showing that the Republicans have prioritized the war on terror and government overspending higher than any other priorities, and thinks those issues work the best for him.

* Polling -- "I'm the only candidate that can defeat Hillary Clinton in those places." You'll see which places he means, and how critical they may be for the GOP in 2008.

* Judicial confirmations -- "I know how to do this better than anyone else," based on his experience. "They [the Democrats] policticized" Mukasey's confirmation, but he feels that his former law partner will be a "great Attorney General."

He talks about Iran, Pakistan, and the result of Hillary's debacle in the last debate. Don't miss it!


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