November 21, 2007

Marcus Vs Krugman (Vs Krugman)

People don’t often get to see the equivalent of blogwars between major media columnists, but Ruth Marcus gives Washington Post readers a special treat in her column this morning. She takes on Paul Krugman, who inexplicably has turned into a Social Security crisis skeptic after years of nearly-hysterical warnings about imminent collapse. After Krugman scolded Barack Obama for having the temerity to consider Social Security concerns and criticized the Post editorial board for its supposed panic on the issue, Marcus decided to take a stroll down Paul Krugman Memory Lane.

What caused Krugman to reverse himself so baldly? At Heading Right, I explain that it was the same thing that caused most of the Democrats to also do an about-face on Social Security. Nothing frightens Democrats like George Bush, and in this case, it caused most of them to lose their minds on the fiscal time bomb of Social Security.


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