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January 6, 2008

When Azzam Gets Marched Home Again, Hurrah!

Maybe in a way, we are lucky to have Adam Gadahn as this war's Lord Haw Haw. The misfit from Garden Grove can communicate in a manner clear to most Americans, which at least has the virtue of avoiding misunderstandings. Gadahn, now known as Azzam al-Amriki, warned George Bush that al-Qaeda will provide their own welcome for his tour of the Middle East, but otherwise channeled Baghdad Bob:

Al-Qaida's American spokesman urged fighters to meet President Bush with bombs when he visits the Middle East, according to a new video posted on the Internet Sunday.

U.S.-born Adam Gadahn also tore up his American passport as part of a symbolic protest in the nearly hour-long rhetoric-dominated tape — al-Qaida's first message of the new year. ...

"We felt it necessary to address the American people and explain to them some of the facts about these critical and fast-moving events," said Gadahn, who wore a white-and-red headscarf and sat behind a desk with a laptop computer and coffee mug nearby.

"The first questions Americans might ask is has America really been defeated? The answer is yes and on all fronts," he added.

Defeated in Iraq? Not even the object of Gadahn's weird affection, Osama bin Laden, makes that argument any more. Osama spent his last tape chastising Iraqis for kicking their collective rear end out of the country. The catastrophe suffered by AQ in Iraq is an objective fact, and Gadahn's missive recalls the laughable lunacy of Saddam Hussein's spokesman insisting that the US invasion had collapsed even as our troops entered Baghdad.

Otherwise, the only real point of interest in this tape is AQ's insistence that America has to convert to Islam or perish. Calling Christianity "baseless", he demanded that American soldiers submit to Islam or face God's wrath. Note that Gadahn didn't just stop with a call to pull our military out of the Persian Gulf region, or claim that trade with Islamists would remove any motivation for them to commit acts of war on the US. Their terrorism against the US and the West doesn't hinge on trade policy, but on their lunatic pursuit of a global caliphate -- and our submission.

Gadahn also tore up his American passport in protest. I guess that would be his protest against our losses in Iraq and Afghanistan, right? He assured the audience that he doesn't need it to travel, but we'd like to remind him that we don't need him to have it to get dragged back to the US, either. He faces an indictment for treason, and every time he makes one of these tapes, he provides the US with more evidence to use in his trial.

When Azzam gets frog-marched home again, we'll give him a hearty welcome then -- followed by a first-class hanging.


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