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January 14, 2008

Rush, Having Far Too Much Fun

I know we've all had our share of schadenfreude on the Right over the racial eruptions on the Left, but no one has had as much fun with it than Rush did today. He doesn't miss any of the points raised over the last couple of weeks, and emphasized that it only started happening because Barack Obama actually began to seriously challenge Hillary for the nomination. Bryan at Hot Air gives us the video of his opening monologue, in two parts:

Rush even gets to damn with faint praise: "[Obama] can deliver a hell of a vapid speech!" Watch him laughing with delight at the end of Part II. But he didn't stop with the monologue. He went into much more detail on Hillary's comments, and caught this interesting nugget from Hillary's Meet the Press interview yesterday:

HILLARY: And the point that I was responding to from Senator Obama himself in a number of speeches he was making, is his comparison of himself to President Kennedy and Dr. King. You know, Dr. King didn't just give speeches. He marched. He organized. He protested. He was gassed. He was beaten.

RUSH: Stop the tape. Stop the tape. Stop the tape. Two things here. First thing, Mrs. Clinton is saying, "Obama, you are not down with the struggle. You are not down for the struggle. You can't compare yourself to King; you can't compare yourself to JFK, and you won't be able to until you've marched, organized, and been gassed, and then been beaten -- and we, the Clintons, might take you up on it."

HILLARY: He was jailed. He understood that he had to move the political process and bring in those who are in political power, and he campaigned for political leaders, including Lyndon Johnson, because he wanted somebody in the White House who would act on what he had devoted his life to achieving. So I think it's important to set the record straight. Clearly, we know from media reports that the Obama campaign is deliberately distorting this.

RUSH: Ah! There we get to the nut of it, ladies and gentlemen! This is a typical Clinton move. She is the victim of all this race stuff. Obama is deliberately distorting what she has said.

Rush has plenty more in his transcript, and all of it as excellent as it is hilarious. The Democratic primaries just got a lot more entertaining, even it is schadenfreude.


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