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January 26, 2008

The Weekend Hot Seat: Can Mitt Make The Conservative Sale?

With Fred Thompson out of the race and the Republican base skeptical at best of John McCain, Mitt Romney has an opportunity to seize an opening and help propel himself forward towards the Republican nomination. Can he make the sale and unite the fractious Republican coalition into a cohesive force in time for the November election? AOL's Hot Seat gives you an opportunity to answer:

I based my poll question on this post, asking for feedback for my interview with Mitt Romney this morning. It will air twice: once locally in the Twin Cities on AM 1280 The Patriot, and once again on Monday's Heading Right Radio show on BlogTalkRadio. In the interview, Mitt gives a very nuanced and intriguing formula for effectively remaining on a forward strategy on jihadist terrorism, talks about entitlement reform, and reaffirms his belief in a personal right under the 2nd Amendment to keep and bear arms. It's short but substantive, and it may change how you see Mitt Romney.


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