February 25, 2008

The Road Goes Ever On

Today brings exciting news and an end to a time in my life that has proven far more successful than I ever dreamed. Beginning on March 1, I will begin working for Michelle Malkin, a friend, mentor, and writer I have long admired. She has offered me a position as writer at Hot Air, and my blogging will appear exclusively there.

That means that I will close out Captain’s Quarters sometime in March. This saddens me, as it has become my ever-ready home and because of the terrific community it has generated. I hope that the CapQ community comes with me to Hot Air, and Hot Air will have open registration today for 12 hours in order to allow CapQ commenters to join me at my new digs.

Michelle and I have different voices, and sometimes different points of view. Rest assured that Michelle respects these differences and wants them as part of Hot Air. My writing and my viewpoints will continue, and find even more encouragement than before. In fact, we look forward to debating on some of these points between her personal blog and Hot Air, much as we have between her personal blog and CapQ – with respect, affection, and the absolute belief that we have it right!

In short, nothing really changes except location. I’ll still write as I have always done, perhaps with even more frequency, as I join Allahpundit at Hot Air. I’ll continue my daily show as a key piece in building the Hot Air brand and increasing our visibility. The show may take new directions before long, but we’ll talk more about that when the time comes.

At some point, we’ll redirect the CapQ domain to Hot Air. My archives will remain on line, though, and I intend to keep them available permanently at this link. Comments will close on all posts after March 1, even though I may cross-post for another few weeks to make for a smooth transition.

I want to thank everyone who has helped make Captain’s Quarters such a great success. I hope you will all join me on the next part of the great adventure.

UPDATE: Michelle wrote a warm, welcoming announcement at both Hot Air and her own blog. Be sure to register as a commenter today so that we can all pick up where we left off here on March 1. Also, I've done my first (cross-)post at Hot Air.

UPDATE II & BUMP, 10:39: The link for commenter registration is here. There is no requirement to register to just read the site. And let me say thank you to the numerous well-wishers in the comments and on e-mail this morning.


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