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October 16, 2003

Pizza Hut offers lower-fat menu items

"Honey, why don't we eat out tonight?" "Sure, but you know I'm on a diet... I know -- how about Pizza Hut?" "That's a great idea, honey! That's why I love Pizza Hut, because I'm so concerned with my health!"...

October 21, 2003

Politically Incorrect Lobsters

Brainstorming has solid evidence that eating lobsters is more humane that you might think. Save them from the long-term suffering that awaits them! Contact the Attorney General! Better yet, contact Michael Cerisi ......

May 6, 2004

Madonn'! What Would Tony Soprano Say?

Having Irish and Italian descent, I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about whiskey, Guiness, and Italian cuisine. I grew up on my mother's excellent Italian cooking, and my godmother and maternal aunt, who recently passed away, was just as sharp in the kitchen. She made a tossed salad that was a family favorite, using red wine vinegar and regular, heavy olive oil -- straight from Italy, of course! However, I don't know how she'd react if she read this article, appearing in tomorrow's New York Times, that blows the lid off of olive oil: To divine the secrets of the famously Italian olive oils that are exported from the famously Italian countryside here, it is instructive to go right to the source. Not endless olive groves lovingly tended as if they were old friends, but more typically, a charmless tanker truck bearing foreign olive oil....

June 24, 2004

La Fonda: The No-Lose Scenario

When I moved out to Minnesota seven years ago from California, one thing I knew I would miss is the great Mexican cuisine readily available throughout my home state. You can't hardly drive a mile in the LA area without passing a Mexican restaurant of at least moderate adequacy. Here in the Great White North, however, finding anything worthwhile is well-nigh impossible. For one thing, beef dishes rarely feature anything other than ground beef instead of the far-superior shredded beef, and in some places, the ground beef is left unseasoned. Most of the suburban restaurants use the store-bought hard shells for their tacos, even the Don Pablos chain, at least until recently. By far the worst experience I had occurred before I'd even moved out here. Well-meaning friends took me to a local eatery called La Fonda's, which (as luck would have it) is located around the corner from the...

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