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October 31, 2003

Crime-Fighting Captain

By day, a mild-mannered blogger ... by night, a legendary crime-fighter ......

January 18, 2008

Bobby Fischer Checkmated At 64

I learned to play chess at an early age, when it mattered in a strange way as a Cold War philosophical battleground. I studied it in books and played in tournaments, like many boys and girls did, inspired by both my father and Bobby Fischer, who beat the Soviets to the title and became a national hero in 1972. He died today at 64, after transforming himself into something else entirely: But his reputation as a genius of chess soon was eclipsed by his idiosyncrasies. Fischer was world champion until 1975, when he forfeited the title and withdrew from competition because conditions he demanded proved unacceptable to the International Chess Federation. After that, he lived in secret outside the United States. He emerged in 1992 to confront Spassky again, in a highly publicized match in Yugoslavia. Fischer beat Spassky 10-5 to win $3.35 million. The U.S. government said Fischer's playing...