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September 10, 2007

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Yesterday, while spending my time on the West Coast, my sister treated the First Mate and me to Hollywood afternoon -- tickets to the theatre and dinner at a unique LA restaurant. It has been years since we've been to a play that didn't feature a family member or friend as part of the cast; I think the last play was Blood Brothers with David Cassidy at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. This time, we went to a more storied venue, the Pantages on Hollywood Boulevard. For those who have not experienced it, the Pantages is one of the grand venues of the Los Angeles stage. Its breathtaking internal design and decor make it a destination stop all by itself. In fact, as we entered it, we saw tour buses stopped outside its entrance. This time, however, the play most definitely surpassed the surroundings. Wicked comes from the novel...