Ohio Recount Partisans Want Another Round On The House

After having blown $1.5 million of Ohio taxpayer money on a recount that resulted in a 0.27% adjustment to George Bush’s margin of victory, Buckeye State voters might expect that the idiots who pushed for the recount would go away quietly. Unfortunately, idiots by definition notoriously learn lessons the hard way:

Two third-party presidential candidates asked a federal court Thursday to force a second recount of the Ohio vote, alleging county election boards altered votes and didn’t follow proper procedures in the recount that ended this week.
Lawyers for Green Party candidate David Cobb and the Libertarian Party’s Michael Badnarik made their request in federal court in Columbus.
The two candidates, who received less than 0.3 percent of the Ohio vote, paid $113,600 for a statewide recount after the vote was certified earlier this month by the secretary of state. They have said they don’t expect to change the election results, but want to make sure that every vote is proply counted.

Ohio has to be getting tired of paying for the selfish indulgence of a couple of minor-party stooges acting as fronts for the Democrats and the Kerry campaign. They want to have as many recounts as necessaary in order to (a) delegitimize Bush’s solid victory, and (b) manufacture enough votes to reverse it. At the rate we’re going — 300 votes every two months — in 2084, John Kerry will be declared the winner.

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  1. Even Libertarians will waste taxpayer dollars.

    From Ohio: The Green and Libertarian party presidential candidates asked for the recount and raised the $113,600 required under state law for the process

  2. Yet Another Reason Why I Am Frustrated By the Libertarian Party

    After years of enduring a procession of moonbats and losers running under the Libertarian Party banner, I am frustrated that the party can’t produce a credible libertarian candidate I feel good about voting for.

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