A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?

Hillary Clinton has complained for years that her critics come from a vast right-wing conspiracy to discredit and defame her and her husband. Will she now add Carl Bernstein to the conservative cabal out to get her? Bernstein will soon release an extensively-researched biography of the Democratic front-runner, and the Watergate reporter apparently has discovered a number of discrepancies between her official biography and the records he found.
I posted about this at Heading Right, the group blog of the conservative talk show hosts at Blog Talk Radio. Given the solidly liberal background of Bernstein, Hillary will have a difficult time escaping the impact of an exposé.

8 thoughts on “A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?”

  1. Hype, before a book.
    Sort’a like hanging balloons out, in front of your door, to signify, that inside, you’re about to have a “party.”
    Bernstein never amounted to much. Woodward jetisoned him back in the old days. Though in DC, it’s hard to tell. IF you can keep up with your supply of dinner invitations, I suppose?
    As to the papers left to a library in Arkansas; ya know what? THE TAX DEDUCTION that brought to the estate, would probably make a “better” story.
    As to “Vast Right Wing” banner headlines; it works as a tag line. That easily reflects back to Hillary. Do you know why? When you hear it. You know she said it.
    For Peosodent; it was “Do You Know Where The Yellow Went?” Even after all these years. Some tag lines just keep holding their promise.
    The other thing? When armies are lined up against each other; the general in charge looks to do at least two things. Fake a forward. And, then try “pincer moves.” Which includes, besides the loud sounds of artillery; a race to the rear. With tanks.
    As a matter of fact, there was once, PRE-WW2, a “contest” between American generals. Held in Louisiana. PATTON won it. But he had to take money from his own pocket, to pay for the gas he put into the tanks, he moved. This wasn’t computed into the military plans. But it worked. In that skirmish; especially because Patton was an ace with tanks in warfare; he bested his opponent.
    Again, Hillary is probably the biggest hurdle for the GOP to overcome. Because she gets headlines.
    Last night, at Drudge, he says that whenever he runs a link to something about Hillary, the link gets more “clicks” than anything else on his front page.
    Who knew Drudge measured those things? And, even better? Who knew he’d share the bombshell.
    You’re not gonna get Hillary to go down by repeating “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” as if it’s a joke. Say it? And, the point goes to Hillary.
    Well, it’s like taking the ball in your court, and running to the opposite side’s goal post. Wrong Way, Corrigan, indeed.
    What do you think Bernstein can weave that will be a “barn burner?” Is it possible it gets the most milage, now? Before sales?
    Gotta say, though. That age has helped Bernstein. Now with white hair. His horrible skin seems to have been repaired from the ravages of acne. And, he looked GOOD up at Drudge!
    Back in 1860, just to get a little repetitive; Lincoln did NOT campaign! He said his words were out there. (He made sure of it! Taking the newspaper reports of his famous debates with Douglas, and turning them all into book form.)
    Douglas, however, was also running in 1860. He was the democratic nominee. And, even though travel, back then was hard enough; he campaigned in every single state. All this brought him? (Except his loss at the polls?) He got heckled in every single southern state.)
    Again. Lincoln avoided the heckling. Knowing that when people went to vote, they knew of his reputation. And, that’s all he used.
    Front runners are given choices like that.
    The other thing? RAISING MONEY. Hillary can probably raise it better than most folks.
    Of course, she’s no Lincoln! Heck, she isn’t even Eleanor Roosevelt. Another First Lady who didn’t care for her husband all that much. Some monogamous ideas women carry in their heads, don’t work well with most men.
    But Eleanor HELD ONTO THE REINS OF POWER, within the donk party, ALL OF HER LIFE. She was like the Pope. Even Jack Kennedy sought her blessing; and kissed her ring. (While her favorite? Was Adeli Stevenson. But a two-time loser can’t really be given another shot, ya know? Not my sane men whose livelihoods count on their party being in office.)
    I’d suggest, however, that the best book anyone who cares about the GOP, reads, now, it’s Tom DeLay’s opus. He lays it bare.
    Yes, he was a drunkard. And, he whored around. Those are the benefits ya get in politics. Let no one fool ya on that score!
    But like Bush, who also discovered a road to recovery from drunkardness; it’s not the 12-Step program. Instead? Well, it’s a huge problem until it’s solved. Some people become religious believers, and then they drag this into the political realm.
    At least DeLay’s approach is honest. He shows you his thinking. And, then he adds the reality. He explains how DC works. The key word? COMPROMISE.
    He even sets out the example of Bill Clinton’s 1994 “bounce on the head.” When Newt Gingrich sailed into the majority chair in the HOUSE. And, DeLay figured out how you get to a middle-of-the-road position, with a democratic president. YOU SET OUT YOUR AGENDA WAY OVER ON THE RIGHT.
    Then, in the act of compromising, you’re “giving up no-win” positions. And, you’re getting closer to what passes as mainstream.
    Oh, yeah. DeLay’s book is worth it just for the way it sheds light on Newt Gingrich. And, Dick Army.
    When a general gets lost in the thicket; he can take others down.
    DeLay is a very interesting character.
    So why bother about yet another “stupid village” book about Hillary? Ya really do get lots of choices when it comes to what you’re willing to read. And, not just here.

  2. I am skeptical about just how much of a hit job this book is touted as. Bernstein got most of his material from close friends of Hillary, the main one being dead ,and with the request of Hillary herself to cooperate with this books reporter. I think it is being hyped as a hit piece is a preemption and will in fact show Hillary in an overall positive light. Carl has done nothing much of note since Watergate and has been overshadowed by his erstwhile partner Woodward. I will be surprised if it is as scathing as it is being said to be.

  3. The Hillary voters that read books don’t care, and the Hillary voters that might care don’t read books. Won’t hurt her in the least.

  4. carl is riding his donkey down a deep rutted road. so many folks have “exposed” the clinton’s that there’s really nothing left to tell. rogue lawyers are a dangerous breed. we all know this. however, just for the sake of discussion, if carl has photos of hillary with her best girlfriends even that will do nothing unless the msm decides that obama is the man.
    there are so many things about the clinton’s that if not spun by journalists would have kept them in little rock. the list of creatures that were indicted or fled the country during their administration is a book unto itself. until the press turns on her she’s going back to the white house. the numbers are unforgiving. as the nominee she will get 95% of the black vote, 85% of the hispanic and assorted ethnic vote. with that she needs just 30% of the white vote. when she outlines her universal health care package next spring it should prove to be a slam dunk–to use george tenant’s words!

  5. A great book (not really that political) came out a few years ago called “Flight of Passage”, written by a guy named Rinker Buck. Rink and his brother Kernahan (great names, eh?) as kids restored an ancient Piper Cub airplane in the mid 1960s, and on the 4th of July weekend in 1966 became the first teenaged brothers to fly a small plane coast to coast. Rink is now a (liberal) newspaper reporter for the Hartford Courant. Disney supposedly took out an option to make a movie on their story, but it hasn’t happened yet. The book is a great read, though.
    Anyways, on their second night out, they landed in Brinkley, Arkansas. They said it was like another planet. Rink’s brother Kern described the people down there as “white trash”. He also noted that the denizens of Arkansas were all obsessed with the Kennedys, and as things would turn out, the Clintons would become the “white trash” second coming of that corrupt political family from Taxachusetts.
    I have no doubt that the national media will do anything and everything they can to return this white trash to the White House. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  6. Will Webster Hubbell be identified as Chelsea’s real dad? Did Hillary use a bulb baster? Or was it professinally done i a doctor’s office? Or did she disrobe, and get pregnant the way nature intended?
    Will mention be made of the fact that Bill had mumps as a kid? And, this caused infertility?
    what about Vince Foster? Was Hillary willing to hop into bed with him? How did she deal with the neglect she got in her marriage?
    Eleanor Roosevelt, who had six kids with Franklin; really disliked sex. So when he found Lucy Mercer; Eleanor said she’d “walk.” It was Franklin’s mom who said that if he left his marriage, he was walking away from the family fortune.
    Which could show you how the elites deal with life’s traumas.
    It’s not as if I’m inventing my questions from whole cloth. It’s really none of my business.
    But Hillary isn’t a “normal” wife. So, if Bernstein dishes, it should be interesting, I guess? What made it into one of Hillary’s friend’s diaries?
    In the past?
    That’s how historians piece together the facts. From the myths. And, yes. History is fascinating.
    Why do I think Bernstein will just do a snow job? Where “snow” in Arakansas is usually cocaine. You think you’re gonna find out about the Clinton’s habits? REALLY?
    The other thing of note, is that Hillary dropped “Rodham.” She won’t use it , as it gets in the way of a successful presidential bid.
    For what it’s worth. IF she ran, and then she won. All of us would wake up in the morning, seeing her emerge as a new person. How long would it take her to toss the Clinton label down the toilet?
    Hmm? Unless it’s needed for Chelsea, I suppose?
    Are we ever gonna get rid of these “anna-be progeny? I thought Hollywood proved, that ya needed new faces all of the time.
    Perhaps, as Del Dolemonte suggests, instead of waiting for Bernstein’s fairy tales, I should go get “Flight of Passage,” huh?

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