Early Exit Polling In Wisconsin

The AP has released its early exit polling demographics in Wisconsin, and the results offer hope to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They confirm that populist rhetoric has large appeal among Democrats, where 70% of their primary voters oppose globalization, and a majority felt the economy was performing poorly. Both candidates spent the last week hammering those themes and have to be encouraged that they resonated with the party base.
The other numbers favor Hillary. More women than men voted on Democratic ballots, and nine in ten were white. Only about 40% were college graduates, where Obama usually holds an advantage. Obama can take heart that the AP describes the typical Democratic primary voter as “slightly younger” than the Republican counterpart.
I will live-blog the results later this evening in a fresh post. The Republican race will be more or less a footnote, but that may produce a large crossover vote — and it will be interesting to see whether Wisconsin Republicans like Obama or Hillary more.

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  1. The Wisconsin primary, Hawaii caucus, and Washington state primary (UPDATE 1: EXITS SHOW GOOD NEWS FOR BOTH BO AND HILLARY)

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    Voters are going to the polls today in Wisconsin and Washington state, and caucusing in Hawaii …

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