Edwards: Clinton Tax Levels Are Just The Beginning

John Edwards has a refreshing strategy in the presidential primaries: pretend the center doesn’t exist. He wants to win the Democratic nomination by running hard to the left, especially on economics. In that vein, he told California Democrats at their state convention that not only will he raise taxes on high-income families, he considers that just a starting point:

Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards said yesterday raising taxes for higher-income families back to their levels under the Clinton administration is a floor, not a ceiling, and he would consider even higher tax increases.
“What I believe is the starting place is to go back to the Clinton levels,” Mr. Edwards told reporters after addressing the 2,000 delegates to California’s state Democratic Party convention. …
“I believe it is more important to bring about the transformation,” he said, pointing to his universal health care plan, achieving independence from foreign energy and reducing global warming emissions. “Some people believe it’s more important to push those things off and reduce the deficit — the deficit’s the priority.”

So Edwards won’t raise taxes to eliminate the federal deficit, which would disappear entirely under the present economic policy in the next few years anyway. Unlike his fellow Democrats who want to drain more money out of the economy ostensibly to address government overspending, he wants to continue overspending, and pull even more money out of the pockets of Americans to fund it. The deficit? Ha! Edwards laughs in the face of the deficit!
The “transformation” Edwards wants is nothing more than a return to the same failed policies of the Great Society. We already have an entitlement burden that Washington has shown little courage in addressing. The Democrats won’t discuss reforming the basis of Social Security, claiming that it’s fiscally sound, when it will collapse within the lifetimes of almost half the people who currently pay into the system. Medicare, which is at least eight times the problem of Social Security, hasn’t even come under discussion. Yet Edwards wants to push a “transformation” that will add to the entitlement burden such activities as universal health care and global warming.
At least Edwards doesn’t pretend to be a centrist, unlike some of his competitors for the Democratic nomination. He’s running on the confiscate-and-spend, government-program platform that passed out of style during the Carter administration. A vote for Edwards is really an explicit vote for an overwhelming, European-style nanny state that we cannot afford. A vote for the other Democrats probably amounts to the same thing, but they’re either more clever or less honest than John Edwards.

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  1. Edwards knows damn well that “the rich” (because he is one) don’t just take their money and stuff it in a mattress, where it helps nobody. They invest, in things like real estate, in the stock market, in starting or expanding a business–all things that create new wealth and jobs. But, what helps Edwards get nominated in his party is money “invested” in government bureaucracy and in more government dependence. More government is even worse than stuffing the money in a mattress. That’s like burning it. Edwards knows that, but he also knows that a lot of Democrat voters don’t understand it, or don’t care. What a fraud.

  2. Ah, but Captain, what about the Social Programs, what about our Programs??
    (Note to liberals: I am trying to be ironic).
    But seriously, it is amazing how appealing the “Dictatorship of the proletariat” still is, despite all the catastrophes and misery it created all over the world, no exceptions. Yeah, right, let’s tax the rich… It will solve all our problems…
    Goes in line with Dean ideology, though.

  3. The only reason the bolsheviks won’t run on an overt communist platform is they realize it is too transparent. The incremental approach has been effective so far.
    I feel bad that America’s kids aren’t being taught history anymore. I think they deserve to know what bolsheviks do to common folks when reality sets in and the promised utopia fails to materialize after wealth and private property have been confiscated.
    Note to you youngsters: This has been tried many times, and it never turns out well. Never.

  4. Well, at least he’s being honest. “tax and spend” is no way to get my vote, Mr. Haircut.

  5. Edwards has no earthly idea what it takes to do an honest day’s work and thinks we can sue ourselves into prosperity.
    Edwards made his fortune by cynically manipulating what is known laughingly as the American “legal” system, into his own personal loose slot machine.
    Like his dimwitted Hollywood supporters, Edwards parlayed his useless, marginal talent and good looks into a starring role.
    Edwards is completely unqualified to be this nation’s Commander in Chief, but that’s par for the course for the absolutely worthless Democrat Party.
    I would rather have a golden retriever as my President, than John Edwards.

  6. Give Silky Pony credit for being honest. And him a lawyer!
    This is what happens when a large neough fraction of the American people (A) don’t pay much if any taxes and (B) suck on the government tit for everything from their houses to their kids’ education to the drugs they take. Couple this with our sorry public education system that keeps people ignorant of the fact that the government doesn’t have some magic source of its own income and it’s no wonder that Edwards’ rhetoric appeals to so many people. THEY won’t have to pay the higher taxes; THEY will only have to sit back and enjoy all the benefits of all those government programs that Silky Pony wants to bring in.
    BTW, do we REALLY think that the same people who spend $400 on a hammer can invent a way for us to achieve energy independence without drilling for our own oil?

  7. Republican government begins to break down when the number of voters who don’t pay for services can command enough votes to raises taxes on the minority who does pay taxes and vote increased benefits to themselves. The most valid criticism of Republican Party tax cutting is that it has made the tax system so progressive that only half the population pays taxes. Those above the median income pay 99.5% of the tax bill and I believe that the top 5% pays something like a third of the taxes. John Edwards is just following the political logic of the income tax distribution. Since half of the voters don’t pay federal income tax there is now a majority who can increase the tax burden on the taxpayer and vote all sorts of goodies for their own use.
    Charles Rangel has carried this logic even farther with his proposal to reduce/eliminate payroll taxes on the lower end of the distribution while at the same time making up for the lost revenue by transferring the burden to higher incomes. While FISA taxes are regressive under the current system the payout structure more then makes up for this. Social Security benefits decline relative to taxation as you move up the income ladder and Social Security payments are subject to the income tax when income is above $25K a year. You can see where this is heading. The Democrats will buy votes with government benefits while they rape the remaining taxpayers until the economy and Republican government collapses.

  8. At Least He’s Honest…

    John Edwards’ explicit rich vs. poor strategy is clearly intended to position himself to the left of the major 2008 Democrat candidates, dovetailing nicely with his pandering to the far-left on the war in Iraq.* On taxes, Edwards’ pitch is to plainly s…

  9. And this is a surprise to whom, exactly?
    Our little Darling Johnny is just crawling another inch out on the left end of the spectrum, in a desperate attempt to get out of the shadow of the vastly ominous bulk of Queen Hillary the First. He has to do this “More Populist Than Thou” routine to get any traction at all nowadays, especially after he did everything but meld with the wallpaper at the recent “debate” in South Carolina.
    Maybe he could move to Detroit and show us how all that high tax liberalism will really bring the workers’ paradise to earth this time. Good Luck!

  10. The Republicans deserve the beating they are getting.
    Where are the campaign ads showing what you get in states like NY and Michigan? Not exactly taxing our way to prosperity, are we?
    They aren’t even making the effort. “We’re not as bad as the Democrats” isn’t exactly a winning formula, as 2006 proved.

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