Huckabee Persists

For some reason, this didn’t publish when I wrote it this morning. I’m posting it now instead.
Governor Mike Huckabee addressed an enthusiastic crowd at CPAC this morning, despite giving his speech at the sleepy hour of 9 am on Saturday. Huckabee clearly was in fine mettle, keeping the fires going in the campaign. He spoke about the Fair Tax plan, at one point tearing up a 1040 form and throwing the pieces in the air to the delight of the crowd.
Huckabee refuses to withdraw from the race. That didn’t surprise anyone here, and the lack of anticipation could be seen throughout the exhibition hall. Where business came to a halt with the speeches from Mitt Romney and John McCain, most people outside the hall where Huckabee appeared gave the speech much notice at all. He wants to continue to press for the policy stands he has taken in his campaign, and feels the best way to do that is to continue that campaign until it comes to a natural end at the convention — and as he put it, he “majored in miracles” in divinity college.
The miracles will not likely manifest themselves on the campaign trail, but his continuing efforts will not have a deleterious effect on the Republicans. The contest between McCain and Huckabee has remained highly collegial, and there is no reason to believe that it will deteriorate at this point. While it might distract from the effort at unity by the McCain camp for a couple of more weeks, it represents no threat to McCain’s eventual ascension.