Robotrolling For Paul

I just received a strange polling call. Without any announcement of who or what prompted the call, a robopoll looking for my presidential preference asked me to select from the slate of Republican candidates. After answering the single question, it disconnected me. No demographic questions were asked, and no explanation of the poll’s sponsor was given even at the end.
I checked out my caller-ID, which gave the following phone number: 877-766-7285. That takes callers to the Ron Paul for President Campaign call center. I guess we know what Paul does with the donations he received.
It’s curious, though, that they’d use this kind of polling. How can they determine the reliability of the data? It seems to me the only use this has is to identify people they can hit up for donations later — a very expensive way to do it, too. I’ve heard of robopolling, but this is the first time I’ve experienced robotrolling.