Mugabe Cracks Down On Opposition

Zimbabwe police have arrested “scores” of political opponents of dictator Robert Mugabe and have raided the headquarters of the MDC. The arrests spring from a ban on political assemblies, even though this meeting took place entirely within the offices of the MDC:

Zimbabwe security forces raided the headquarters of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change on Saturday and picked up scores of party youth attending a meeting, a party spokesman said.
“Armed police raided Harvest House (the building housing the MDC headquarters) and arrested about 200 youth and provincial staff who were holding a youth forum,” MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa told AFP.
“This was not a street or open air gathering but a meeting in our own party offices to discuss civil issues and we are treated like an illegal or terrorist organisation.”

Earlier, Amnesty International ranked Robert Mugabe in the same class as John Howard of Australia and George Bush. This demonstrates the abject failure of AI to distinguish between political opponents and real monsters. Mugabe has jailed, beaten, and murdered people just for the crime of opposing his policies. Where has that happened in the US? Australia?

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  1. I used to be a supporter of AI, but quit several years ago. Their inability to detect any moral difference between a Robert Mugabe on the one hand and a John Howard or George W Bush on the other hand is why.

  2. It always helps to read the article, which makes the meaning plain:

    PRIME Minister John Howard finds himself alongside Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe in an Amnesty International report that says they are among “short-sighted fear-mongers” dividing the world.

    Ms Khan included Mr Howard with Mr Mugabe, US President George W Bush and Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir in the same scathing paragraph in her foreword to the group’s annual report published yesterday.

    And, of course, the AI report may easily be found on the Web; interested readers now have the ability to get the statements from the horse’s mouth, rather than having it filtered by the dreaded MSM. From the foreward:

    The Howard government portrayed desperate asylum-seekers in leaky boats as a threat to Australia’s national security and raised a false alarm of a refugee invasion. This contributed to its election victory in 2001. After the attacks of 11 September 2001, US President George W Bush invoked the fear of terrorism to enhance his executive power, without Congressional oversight or judicial scrutiny. President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan whipped up fear among his supporters and in the Arab world that the deployment of UN peacekeepers in Darfur would be a pretext for an Iraq-style, US-led invasion. Meanwhile, his armed forces and militia allies continued to kill, rape and plunder with impunity. President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe played on racial fears to push his own political agenda of grabbing land for his

    The sidebar (? Highlight? Title? Caption? There’s probably a name for it, but I don’t know what it is) states:


    Eminently sensible and an entirely rational debating point. Of course, we’re never going to see any actual debate in the blogosphere – just slogan-chanting.

  3. Muggerbe is black and so is a good dictator. Bush and Howard are white so are bad elected leaders.

  4. Amnesty used to be a fairly neutral agent with clear goals, and with that came credibility. They have, sadly, discarded that stance for the standard leftist paradigm. Thus, the human rights fought for now include the right to vacation, and so on.
    It seems safe to say the mission has been diluted.

  5. Amnesty International, along with the ACLU have successfully transitioned into the same class as the UN. It takes real effort, of course, but all three can now be said to be “worthless as tits on a boar hog”.

  6. another of these monsters that get feted by the UN. why he hasn’t been shot is the real story…….

  7. UNPAN is an agency of the UN:

    The mission of UNPAN – United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance – is to promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices throughout the world in sound public policies, effective public administration and efficient civil services, through capacity-building and cooperation among the United Nations Member States, with emphasis on south-south cooperation and UNPAN’s commitment to integrity and excellence.

    They have issued a report on Zimbabwe.
    So has Amnesty International, for that matter.

  8. Well, the Amnesty Internation reports for Canada, the United States and Zimbabwe make interesting reading!
    I was unable to verify the claim regarding “right to vacation” – I had hoped to understand, at the very least, the rationale behind such an inclusion. I had also hoped to learn just how important this aspect (if extant) was with respect to AI’s work. Perhaps “Tom” can provide a link?

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