CQ Radio: Mark Tapscott, Robert Bluey

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Today on CQ Radio (2 pm CT), we’ll talk to two of my friends from the blogosphere and the media. First, we have Mark Tapscott, the editor of the Washington Examiner’s editorial section and a first-class political analyst. Yesterday he wrote about the need to end careerism in Congress, which I partly rebutted and partly supported at Heading Right. We’re going to discuss that with him today, and perhaps pick his brain on immigration as well.
In the second half of our show, Robert Bluey of the Heritage Foundation will talk about their new position paper on the immigration compromise. It argues in ten points how the compromise undermines the rule of law in America by pointing out the worst flaws in Title VI of the bill. We’ll ask him to explain the concerns and where he thinks the bill will go in the next two weeks of debate.
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Also, next Tuesday, we’re expecting John McCain to join us in a taped interview. I’ll keep you posted on the details, but circle the date on your calendars!
Addendum: BlogTalkRadio has been nominated to the AlwaysOn 100, a prestigious list of technology pioneers and Internet industry leaders:

As noted on their site, “The AO100 represents the best of breed from all the technology sectors we cover, and therefore is our most distinguished annual Top 100 competition”.
Needless to say we are thoroughly excited to be nominated for this prestigious award. Those familiar with this blog and Blogtalkradio will recall that not long ago, Blogtalkradio in fact won one of the coveted spots in the AlwaysOn Hollywood 100. This award, given by the editorial board of Tony Perkin’s AlwaysOn, recognized BTR as one of the top 100 private digital media companies in the world. Quite a heady thought!!
The latest nomination goes one step further to include all global private technology companies. Nominated companies include Digg, Facebook, Feedburner, Joost and Linden Labs. These are world class companies and it is an honor to be mentioned in the same breath.

You bet it is…

3 thoughts on “CQ Radio: Mark Tapscott, Robert Bluey”

  1. “Heading Right” is just one direction on a compass.
    And, right now? Bush, it seems has walked off with the conservative movement. One he didn’t respect. But he allowed for it; because it boosted his “margin of win.”
    Actually, in talking about the Donk’s TWO PERCENT, it’s also important to notice that it ain’t a hell of a lot.
    As to putting people out to pasture; it worked back in the 1980’s, because a lot of people were cheering the GOP onwards. But they’re stuck in a ditch, at this time. And, perhaps? If the compass points, anywhere, it points to problems.
    Now, about “retiring” early. Once the domain of unions. Who promised a company’s profits to its workers; the lazier the better.
    As to “why” would you want to take out someone with experience? Espcially, since you know what you got. HOT AIR. And, fake promises.
    But there’s no new “deal.” Just when the country seems to need one;
    All ya got is the non-communicative stinker in the White House; shilling for the Saud’s. While Tehran has been picking pockets.
    Maybe, you need more rules against pickpockets?
    No happy answers. Just 8 candidates. On the GOP side. Each one “media polished.” (Except the PRO. Who won’t commit. Because to do so cancels his TV contract on Law and Order. And, no matter what people tell you; it’s an odd man that tosses his millions away, thinking he can land in the White House.)
    You need a pretty good compass, too.
    Not one with a broken needle. And, some of the same old horses. Like Newt Gingrich. The Net’s not advertising his wares. But he dials up coverage over at the nutworks.
    Worth considering that many Americans are declaring themselves Independents. Even if they buy the republican product? They’ll be dis-respected. Just like the Blue Dogs who got elected to Congress in 2006.
    Politicians promise ya everything. But they don’t deliver.
    And, what’s worse? Bush can’t give a decent, honest, speech to save his life. He’s just there. Doing “hand shake” moments. And, in about 600 days; he leaves.
    There will be a bad taste, lingering, after that.
    While, yes. A niche market is nice to have on the Internet. But it doesn’t get ya elected. Worth considering that OLD IDEAS are not NEW IDEAS. And, that except for the hula hoop, I can’t think of a silly idea that passed the fad stage; and is still around.
    So? Here’s what I’m saying. You’ve got problems with the messages you’re trying to sell. You’re not adding voters. You’re just addressing the kooks.
    Donks do the same. But they got the TWO PERCENT. And, a president who doesn’t know the differences between competence; and Harriet Miers. Oh. And, he holds grudges.

  2. Ed,
    I can’t take it any more! Whenever I go to the archived segments page of CQ Radio I immediately get hit with the audio of the most recently archived show! Before I’ve selected which show I want to listen to, and in what format, the site is deciding for me! What are you trying to do to me?!.
    Glenn Howard

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