CQ Radio: NZ Bear And The Mitt Romney Interview

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Today on CQ Radio (2 pm CT), I’ll talk with NZ Bear about developments on the immigration bill, Fred Thompson’s toe-dipping, and the campaign tour in Iowa with Mitt Romney. We’ll also get an update on the Victory Caucus, and take your calls.
In the second half, I’ll air the exclusive interview I conducted yesterday with Mitt Romney, focusing first on immigration but the rest on foreign policy. This arena gets little attention from a national media seemingly more concerned about the Mormon philosophy on the nature of God than the Romney approach to the nature of global politics and security. Given today’s global challenges, this lack of interest seems rather strange — but CQ Radio listeners will get a jump on the rest of the country when it comes to vetting Romney’s policy outlook on a broad range of foreign-policy issues.
The interview goes 15 minutes, and then we’ll take your calls at 646-652-4889. Be sure to join the conversation!
Note: Today is a travel day, so responses to e-mail and other communications will be necessarily slow.
UPDATE: I’ve had two requests for transcripts. My transcriber is finishing the McCain interview and will work on the Romney interview immediately afterwards. I’ll have both up hopefully by the weekend over at Heading Right.

2 thoughts on “CQ Radio: NZ Bear And The Mitt Romney Interview”

  1. Please ask Mitt to respond to the fact that Pres. Bush won’t question the patriotism of people who imply our soldiers are terrorists (like Rosie), but my patritotism and intellectual integrity are questioned for supporting the border fence–not to mention my RINO president painting me as a racist. My president has spit on me, his most loyal supporter among all my friends and family. No more.
    I want to know what Mitt will do now!–Just not in 2 years’ time.

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