Heading Right Radio: Duane Patterson, And Live Coverage Of CLC07!

Today on Heading Right Radio (Note special time: 3 pm CT), Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson of the Hugh Hewitt Show joins us to review the week and the CLC. We’ll be talking about Mitt Romney’s speech to the conference, and we’ll meet Jodi Bridges of the Sam Adams Alliance, who will explain her group’s mission and also give me a free bobblehead of Adams. We’ll also talk about the week in politics.
UPDATE & BUMP: We’ll also speak with Horace Cooper, the senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union, to speak about his group’s mission on civil liberties. Horace will be speaking tomorrow at the CLC on issues facing us in the 2008 election.
UPDATE II: Thanks to Jazz in the comments for noting that I had the wrong URL for the ACRU. I had it confused with the booth across from mine in the exhibit hall, and I have it corrected now. I read it off correctly during the show.
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3 thoughts on “Heading Right Radio: Duane Patterson, And Live Coverage Of CLC07!”

  1. Bah. I’ll be lucky to catch the first 20 minutes. Taking the wife out for our anniversary for some socializing and a nice dinner. Hopefully I can at least hear the first bit.

  2. Thanks for the Conservative Leadership Conference updates.
    Congressman Hunter is up to speak in the morning. I think those attending will be in for a real treat. 🙂

  3. Just in case anyone has any confusion or hits any typos in transposing URLs, there’s a bit of confusion in the links here. There’s also some competing groups using the same acronym.
    While the text of the Captain’s post states that Mr. Cooper represents the American Civil Rights Union, the link actually points to the web page for the American Civil Rights Institute. (acri.org) The actual website for the stated organization is (theacru.org)
    I haven’t been able to locate a reference to Mr. Cooper on either web site, but I assume, from his biography and the Captain’s interview, that the second one is the correct organization.
    If you’re quickly trying to fix the URL in your browser, you may mistakenly go to another organization using the same acronym, the American Civil Responsibilities Union (acru.com) which is a VERY different organization, and frankly one of the more frightening wingnut outposts of the far frontier I’ve ever run across.
    Anyway, I got a bit confused this morning following up these links, so perhaps this information will help.

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