Heading Right Radio: The Post-Debate Debate

Today on Heading Right Radio (2 pm CT), Jim Geraghty of National Review Online’s Campaign Spot joins me as co-host to talk about last night’s Republican presidential debate. We’ll also talk with Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post’s blog The Fix for his analysis of the debate and the post-debate spin. He lists Hillary Clinton as one of the big winners from the debate — do you agree with that? Be sure to tune in to hear why he thinks Hillary gained credibility from the GOP’s attacks on her. We may also hear from some of the campaigns as well. Don’t miss the action …
UPDATE: We will have representatives from the Thompson campaign on at 2:30 and the Romney campaign at 2:40! So far, still waiting to hear from others …
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3 thoughts on “Heading Right Radio: The Post-Debate Debate”

  1. LOL !
    Hillary the winner?
    The old Clintonite Spin at work here.
    We see it often now, as the Democrat Partisan will work to shape any thing to support their candidate.
    The big denial, painting a facade, even when the boat has many leaks.
    The other day, I watched a Democrat on TV maintain that Hillary has run the ‘perfect’ campaign.
    How do they lie with a smile?
    Fake Southern Accents, HSU flies, endless flip flopping on Ms. Rodham’s vote to use force in Iraq?
    Now Mr. Cillizza wants us to believe, a savvy – intense rebuke from the popular Mr. Mayor, was a positive?
    All of the GOP Candidates made Hillary seem like an amateur, and a socialist one at that.
    Fred Thompson is a like able character, so is Rudy, as well as Mitt, and having all three joke at Hillary’s well deserved expense must make the Democrat Base wobble.
    Mr. Matthews looked more than a little concerned.

  2. The medias’ attack on Fred Thompson’s appearance on the debate tells me that he is the one that the lefties fear the most.

  3. Let’s put Rodham Clinton’s candidacy in perspective. First, the latest news from Iraq.
    Killings decline in western Baghdad neighborhood
    Wednesday, 10 October 2007
    Multi-National Corps – Iraq
    Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
    APO AE 09342
    RELEASE No. 20071010-05
    October 10, 2007
    Killings decline in western Baghdad neighborhood
    Multi-National Division – Baghdad PAO
    BAGHDAD – After more than 20 months of violent insurgent activity, September
    marked the first month that there were no murders within the western Ameriya neighborhood of the Iraqi capital.
    “Murder has been an effective insurgent tactic in Ameriya and groups like al-Qaeda have capitalized on it as a method to terrorize the local populace,” said
    2nd Lt. Evan Howell, a staff officer with 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, who,together with Iraqi Security Forces, provides security for the area. “Earlier this year we were recording almost two a day and since late 2005 murder events
    were as commonplace as buying groceries in Ameriya.”
    Ameriya has already recorded similar decreasing trends with indirect fire,and a rise in the detection of weapons caches and improvised explosive device discoveries, Howell said.
    “Stopping murders was a top priority for this battalion,” Howell said. “A zero monthly murder count combined with a record number of weapons caches and IED finds leads to the overwhelming conclusion that Ameriya has become a safe and secure neighborhood. This is probably one of the greatest successes of this battalion’s endeavor to protect the neighborhood of Ameriya.”
    Over the coming months there will be a veritable flood of such reports. The media will also begin to report that Iraq has turned into al Qaeda’s graveyard- a quagmire from which they may never emerge. As a result of their strategy of killing innocent Muslims in a vain attempt to drive America out of Iraq, al Qaeda’s reputation among Muslims is now firmly established-and it’s in the toilet.
    In the coming months even slow Joe Biden and dumb Chuck Hagel will be forced to admit that the Surge was successful and the pacification of Iraq is inevitable. Long before Americans go to the polls in 08 Bush will be bringing some troops home in honor and triumph. Iraq has been liberated and Iraqis wanting peace have sworn on the Koran to rid their country of al Qaeda. This great news cannot be supressed much longer.
    Americans will no longer be able to suspend disbelief that the harridan who called Petraeus a liar is somehow fit to to be POTUS. Americans will not be scolded into voting for Rodham Clinton. She will star in Republican campaign ads where her words will prove, to the point of perfection, that she is no CIC. Her candidacy is toast. She doesn’t know it yet just as she didn’t know, as recently as September 10th, 2007 that the situaton in Iraq has turned. It looks good on her. Too much ambition. Not enough smarts. Not enough patriotism. She put her interests ahead of the country’s interests. Quelle surprise.

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