A Couple Fell Off The Bookshelf

Last week, I finally launched the Bookshelf, which shows the books I’m reading and/or recommend to Captain’s Quarters readers. It seems that a couple of tomes inadvertently fell off the shelf during the renovation, so I’m going to feature them in this post as I add them to the Bookshelf page. Don’t forget that purchasing items through my Amazon links (including anything purchased through the Search widget) gives me a few cents on the dollar, too.

2 thoughts on “A Couple Fell Off The Bookshelf”

  1. You’re an avid reader? I knew I liked you for some reason. Also, I’m really into your cartoon at the beginning of each day’s blog. I think it should be published in all national newspapers.

  2. Captain,
    Aren’t you extending yourself too much lately, especially in the light of the last Sunday’s skip?
    I expected the skip for some time now and fully support it, even on some regular bases, as a way to keep your usual sharpness by the way.

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