Clarence Thomas, Unbound

Sixteen years after he castigated the Senate Judiciary Committee for conducting a “high-tech lynching,” Justice Clarence Thomas may relish the opportunity to tell his side of the story. With his new book My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir hitting bookstores today, Thomas’ belated last word on the accusations of sexual harrassment and hypocrisy on racial preferences will undoubtedly transform his image from that of an isolated footnote to an active and powerful voice, both on the Supreme Court and in public life. He has placed himself in the unusually public place of a controversial author, seeking publicity where he and his colleagues have traditionally avoided it.
Last night, I watched his interviews on CBS’ 60 Minutes, conducted with taste and objectivity by Steve Kroft. At Heading Right, I review the interview and Thomas’ effectiveness. Thomas did well last night in providing the last word on the Anita Hill allegations and the “high-tech lynching” provided by Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. It has implications for this cycle, as certain organizations have apparently started an intellectually dishonest cherry-picking campaign against conservative commentators to discredit them as well.
Tonight, I will meet Justice Thomas at a private function and have a chance to hear him talk about his memoir and his experiences. Tune in tonight at 9 pm ET to a special Heading Right Radio show to hear more. Meanwhile, you can order his book from the Captain’s Quarters bookshelf:

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  1. It’s very timely for Justice Thomas to take the stage at this particular moment in history for a number of reasons. He’s a rare example of a principled, unapologetic yet humble conservative, who survived the smears and an the despicable show-trial tactic of the hard-left hate-machine.
    He’s an inspiration and a lesson to all.

  2. There’s an AUDIO version as well. That’s what I’m gonna buy at Amazon. Hope you’ll get the credit.
    Meanwhile, Drudge, who said goodbye to his radio show last night; (till he comes back, occasionally, or not, with a DAYTIME fest) … Also led with Clarence Thomas’ most intelligent BOOK! Which is gonna come at people, and finally shock a few into the reality that THOMAS IS QUALIFIED. And, then some!
    Drudge’s page, today, also has grand links to interviews Clarence Thomas is doing. Including a RUSH interview, where he will get a full 90-minutes. ON NOW!
    What’s interesting; is that Clarence Thomas can still talk about Anita Hill; and it jars the memory banks.
    He’s also let affirmative action prove itself out to be the total flop that it is. Yes. Catching Blacks and women in the reality that as “leaders” go … they crapped out at the table.
    EXCEPT FOR THOMAS. His stature just grows and grows.
    And, since the next liberal horse to fall will be this leaderless, rudderless, previously successful ship, will be the rebellion people will supply, when they really get angry. Not just the swill thrown at kids. Not just the disrespect for men. And, the military. But just in general. When you’ve gone to war against the TRUTHS we HOLD FREE.
    Unintended consquences come due.
    And, that’s what makes My Grandfather’s Son a worthwhile listening and hearing journey.
    What a wonderful man!

  3. Clarence Thomas is a true credit to his people. He saw the light that others may have seen, but turned away from for the cheap plaudits of a treacherous ultra-left that uses blacks like Kleenex and then throws them away.
    I like especially how he faced up to the ridiculous hypocrites on the Senate Judiciary Committee, half of whom were scions of the rich, unconvicted criminals [Kennedy—manslaughter & fleeing scene of an accident, e.g.], or blowhard frauds. But rather than let these creeps “Bork” him, Thomas stood up and delivered a knockout punch to these impostors on national television.
    They’ve never forgiven him & their lackeys like Linda Greenhouse at the NYT keep barking at his heels incessantly, which, along with his impressive 60 Minutes interview, is a reason I’m going to buy his book.

  4. One thing troubles me. I read “Supreme Discomfort” and they apparently have people other than Hill saying that Thomas said to them, “Who put pubic hair on my Coke?”
    So I’d say the analysis is something like this:
    Proposition: Thomas is a liar and a crybaby.
    Thomas denies sexually harassing Anita Hill, and characterizes her claims, and his having to answer for them, as comparable to lynching of blacks in the South, events in which men were beaten and murdered.
    Hill says Thomas said to her “Who put pubic hair on my Coke?”, a bizarre and creepy remark and something that has never been said by any human being other than (according to Hill) Clarence Thomas.
    Other people have said that Thomas said to them, “Who put pubic hair on my Coke”?

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