Hugh Hewitt’s New Book Due Soon

Hugh Hewitt’s new book, Blog: Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World will ship soon from Amazon and appear in your local bookstores. I’m waiting for an advance copy for review, but I also plan on buying the book for my daughter-in-law as well. The Elder at Fraters Libertas has already read his copy and gives an excellent review, as does Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit. Who better than Hugh could dissect the ramifications of the New Media’s emergence and the potential for the citizen journalists? I’m excited, and even though my blogging has greatly reduced my pleasure-reading time, I plan on putting Blog at the top of my priority list once it arrives.
Any literary agents that want my opinion on the blogosphere, feel free to contact me, of course …

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  1. Hewitt to World: Blog

    Hugh Hewitt has a new book that’s just about to be released. In it he discusses the blogosphere – and there’s no one better qualified to do it. Hugh has led the blog revolution against old media by quietly, and

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