My Villainy Hits The Bookstands Today

A month ago, I let CQ readers know that my good friend and award-winning author, William Kent Krueger, would publish another of his series of Cork O’Connor mystery novels, set here in Minnesota. The new book, Thunder Bay, has a new villain: me.
Kent and I both volunteer at Twin Cities Marriage Encounter, and he often offers to name characters in his novels as items in our fundraising auctions. When I won the bid over a year ago, Kent asked me if I wanted to be evil or good, and I immediately chose evil. He asked me if I wanted to just be nasty or really eeeeeeeevil — and I chose the latter.
He made me sign a release. Now you can find out why. You can order the book or the audio tape through the links below (full disclosure: I’ll make a few cents on every copy sold through these links) and find out just how eeeeeeeeevil Kent made me. I’ve already read the book — and I can tell you, you’ll not only enjoy it, but you’ll also want to read the other books in the series.
I’m hoping to schedule Kent for an interview soon!
UPDATE, 1:30 pm CT: Right now the book is ranked 2,319th on Amazon’s best-seller list. Let’s see how high we can push this!

6 thoughts on “My Villainy Hits The Bookstands Today”

  1. I have often wondered why it is that some people would choose to be the evil character. Just last week I had a hard time comprehending why video games included the option to be the bad guy. Just beyond my comprehension.
    Now, Captain, does that mean that you are just one gene or one traumatic event away from writing stuff like that Deb (Frich?) woman who threated Goldstein’s child?

  2. Yeah… why choose to be cast as ‘really evil?’
    Blows my mind too.
    But, then again, I can’t understand your supposed Christianity and your affinity toward the witchcraft of the Potter books either – particularly in light of what THIS BOOK has to say about it.

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