On My Desk: To Set The Record Straight

The Swift Boat controversy continues to resonate in American politics. The term “swift-boated” intends to convey an unfair or untruthful massive attack on a political candidate, riding along with the notion that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and their leader John O’Neill had been substantially rebutted. However, despite the occasional claim by John Kerry that their myriad claims had been proven false, the vast majority of their allegations went unanswered.
Scott Swett and Tim Ziegler have written a new book to set the record straight, entitled — of course — To Set The Record Straight. Scott will appear on tomorrow’s Heading Right Radio show to discuss the book, which is exclusively available through their website. I’m quoted occasionally in the book, and we’ll discuss the blogospheric response as well. King Banaian joins me as co-host.