On My Desk: Weekly Standard’s New Book

I just received a new book in the mail from the folks at the Weekly Standard, The Weekly Standard – A Reader: 1995 – 2005. Edited by William Kristol, it provides a number of the highlights published by the highly-respected conservative magazine over the past ten years. Writers like P.J. O’Rourke, John Podhoretz (one of my favorites), David Gelernter, Christopher Hitchens, Fred Barnes, and many more find themselves well represented in the book’s 500+ pages. Some of these articles will read like long-lost friends, while others will provide fresh perspectives on new topics. I suspect that in the same way that reading out-of-date magazines in medical offices occasionally gives one a perspective on new and pressing issues, this new book will provide a similar experience in most of its essays.
Since we at CQ are all about full disclosure, I should point out that I received a review copy for free — and later on, I will talk about a couple of other such books I’ve received from others as well. Also, I do have a regular gig at the Daily Standard, which pays me very nicely for a weekly on-line column. Tomorrow’s entry talks about the disconnect between reality and fantasy for the left-leaning film critics and Hollywood movie studios, to which I’ll link later tonight or early tomorrow.
Now, some CQ readers might get the impression that I’m sucking up. No! If I wanted to suck up, you’d know it. I’d probably go out of my way to point out that the editor of the Daily Standard, Jonathan Last (also of Galley Slaves), has an essay in the book, “Brotherly Losers.” Seeing as it comes at the end of the collection, I’d likely offer the witticism that they saved the best for Last.
But you won’t catch me doing that here.