The Bookshelf Is Open

One feature at the new Captain’s Quarters has not yet been properly introduced. As part of my work as a blogger and radio host, I interview authors on a regular basis, and I will often include a link to their books. In the previous design, I had a small portion of the sidebar that would show those books and others that I recommend, but it did not get updated very often.
In the new design, we included a page called the Bookshelf. It shows all of the books that I have covered, with links back to Amazon. I participate in the Amazon Associates program, which pays me a small percentage of the sale price on every book sold through this blog. In fact, that’s true for any purchase made at Amazon resulting from a CapQ referral, so I have included a search widget on the page that will allow readers to find and purchase whatever they want through this site. It doesn’t add cost to the products, and it gives me a small revenue stream with which I can support the site.
If you haven’t checked out the Bookshelf yet, click on the link in the header just below the logo and take a look at the recommendations. If you’re going to shop at Amazon for anything, I’d appreciate it if you start your search here and help support the site.

11 thoughts on “The Bookshelf Is Open”

  1. Clarence Thomas’ book comes out this Monday!
    I’ve seen great reviews, already.
    And, up at Amazon I saw that it’s gonna be available on Audio CDs. Just up my alley. While I drive, my tapes (and CDs), play.
    Currently listening to Uylsses S. Grant. Soldier & President. By Georffrey Perret. Blackston Audiobooks. Eye opening. Terrifically entertaining. And, as free as the best education can get.
    “The world of books,” is small enough; that when Drudge puts up the numbers, about 100,000 in sales, hits best seller territory.
    Glad you’re doing this, Captain!
    I also can’t wait to see Justice Clarence Thomas’ book “hit the best seller list.” You bet, I expect Rush to be out there, drums rolling.
    Please, catch this one, too!

  2. deed ewe knot no republic cans cane knot reed demon cats say sew its reel what ever they bee live is hack you rate

  3. I am not a fan of Amazon and don’t buy anything from them. I’d use other links such as Barnes & Noble. If you can arrange that, great. If not — we understand.

  4. Can you advise about your process for submitting books for your review? My book, The Democrats New Path, should be right up your alley.

  5. Captain,
    I hope the amazon bookshelf is only malfunctioning — all I can see are TV series on dvd. I would have expected some weighty political tomes, but all I get when I tune in is the Bionic Woman and the Sopranos. I’ve enabled page loads you tier from all amazon sources but the problem persists.

  6. I’m seeing the books on both Firefox and IE. Maybe you should dump your cache and try again? I’m not sure why you’re having this problem.

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