Canadian Visitors Find CQ

I spent most of the day offline, as today was my birthday and I’m still trying to shake off the effects of the flu or a nasty cold (not sure which). I spoke with a couple of Canadian reporters regarding the Brault testimony, and I also worked on another source which confirmed the overall accuracy of my original source for the material.
I also got a note from CTV News that their lawyers cleared them to mention Captain’s Quarters on their evening news, which started at 10 pm ET. Since then, traffic has tripled this evening, so if you’re dropping by the blog for the first time, welcome aboard.
More information should be forthcoming regarding the embargoed testimony either tomorrow night or Tuesday. I plan on staying with the story regardless of whether the ban stays in place. Hopefully, the publication here will convince Judge Gomery to do what should have been done in the first place: allow for Canadian reporters to keep Canadians informed of what their government officials have done with their money.

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  1. CQ Get CTVdotted

    Captain’s Quarters, one of my favorite blogs, posted less than a day ago on something known as the Adscam scandal in Canada. Basically, the allegations go that the ruling Liberal party has ben funnelling off tens of millions of dollars…

  2. Internet takes Canadians beyond their borders to look for news

    Captain’s Quarters is reporting that his traffic has tripled as Canadians look to his site for news on a banned-for-publication political scandal in their country.
    Hopefully, the publication here will convince Judge Gomery to do what should have be…

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