Grewal Tapes Contain Bribe Offer: CTV

The Canadian network CTV reports tonight that the complete transcript of the Grewal tapes contain much more than the curious dance conducted between Tim Murphy, the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, and Tory MP Gurmant Grewal. Despite Liberal denials, the transcripts apparently contain a specific offer of a ministry for Grewal in exchange for his vote on May 19th:

CTV News’ Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reports that the Prime Minister knew of the negotiations.
According to Fife, the full four hours of transcripts of Grewal’s taped conversations with a top Martin aide and Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh show:
* Martin was ready to talk to Grewal about defecting like he did with Belinda Stronach
* Grewal was offered a government position two weeks after the vote
The transcripts could be released Tuesday. Conservative House Leader Jay Hill has said the party will be turning the tapes over to the RCMP soon.
The federal ethics commissioner Bernard Shapiro is alsohave expected to announce Tuesday whether he will conduct an investigation into the alleged Liberal deal-making.

Could it be that Stephen Harper played “chicken” with Paul Martin on the Grewal tapes — and won when Martin didn’t flinch? If the CTV is accurate, it appears that the Tories have gaslighted the Liberals into demanding the release of information that will wind up indicting them, rather than exonerating them. Perhaps Murphy wasn’t as artful a dancer as first reported.

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  1. The Smoking Gun is Red Hot

    If the release of the Grewal tapes does not result in a criminal investigation, Canadian democracy is on thin ice, regardless of any reassuring spin the Martin government might try to put on it.

  2. Gurmant Grewal releases tapes and transcripts

    Gurmant Grewal has just released the tapes and the transcripts of his calls which show that Prime Minister knew of the deal to bribe Grewal to cross the floor.
    Various Calls to Gurmant Grewal from Sudesh Kalia
    Meeting between G…

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