Captain’s Caption Contest #28: Pajamaheddin Edition

It’s Friday, so it must be time for another Captain’s Caption Contest! In honor of all the pajamaheddin who took part in the pantsing of Dan Rather and CBS, we’ll put a picture of a blogosphere wanna-be puzzling over that incredibly difficult Blogspot interface:

This week’s guest judge will be my good friend and Northern Alliance colleague, Mitch Berg from Shot In The Dark. As always, put your best caption entries in the comments section — NO e-mail, please! (E-mailed entries will be scanned at the Abilene Kinko’s, faxed to CBS News, and used to slander King Banaian.) The contest will remain open until 6 PM CT Sunday, September 26th, at which point the comments will be closed and Mitch will pick the winners.
Let the games begin!
BUMP 9/25: The Dan appreciates your entries, and encourages you to listen to the Northern Alliance Radio Network from noon – 3 PM CT today (don’t forget to enable your pop-ups!). Courage …

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