CQ Radio: Patterico & Alberto Gonzales (Updated)

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UPDATE: Well, we had some transmission problems at the beginning, but Patterico gave some great background and perspective to the case. I hope you enjoy it!
Today’s installment of CQ Radio will feature Patterico of Patterico’s Pontifications, the excellent blog of a Los Angeles-area prosecutor who covers law, politics, and especially media criticism. He has done an excellent job of cataloguing the various gaffes and outrages of the Los Angeles Times, so much so that his annual reviews of the paper become a must-read. Patterico will join me to discuss the testimony of Alberto Gonzales and what it means for the Bush administration.
I know that CQ readers have strong opinions on the subject, so be sure to join the conversation by dialing 646-652-4889.
Note: Blog posting may be slow, as the FM and I are at the hospital this morning for some investigation into recent lab results. The best part of Blog Talk Radio is that you can host a show from danged near anywhere, and it wouldn’t be the first time I did my show from a hospital room…
UPDATE: Actually, things turned out well at the hospital, and we’re back home. We thought the FM would require a biopsy of the new kidney, but they decided it wasn’t necessary. The results look stable, but we’ll continue to keep an eye on them.
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CQ Radio, Blog Talk Radio, & Howard Kurtz At Air Congress

Daniel Glover at Air Congress picked up my interview with Howard Kurtz on CQ Radio earlier this week. Daniel also handles the duties at the National Journal blog, Beltway Blogroll, as well as his editorial responsibilities for the magazine. In the same post, he notes that another BTR show, RK/NLS Virginia Politics, scored a big get with their interview of Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Campaign Manager, Mike Henry.
Blog Talk Radio keeps picking up steam!
CORRECTION: It was not Hillary, but Mike Henry — but still a great interview.

CQ Radio Today: Jules Crittenden

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Our next installment of CQ Radio will feature premiere blogger and journalist Jules Crittenden, whose “good news, bad news” posts are daily delights. Jules embedded with the troops during the initial invasion of Iraq, and has written a great deal about the war on terror, Iraq, and the future of our national security efforts. We’ll talk about all of these topics and more today, starting at 2 pm CT.
We’ll also take your calls at 646-652-4889 to join the conversation!
UPDATE: Don’t forget that you can click on the sidebar player to listen to the podcasts, but you need to click on the link here to listen to the live show.
UPDATE II: Jules and I had a great time talking about media bias and the war in Iraq. Don’t miss it! You can also play it on the sidebar player any time.

CQ Radio Today: Victory Caucus (Update and Bump)

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Our next installment of CQ Radio will feature NZ Bear of the Victory Caucus, discussing the significant changes in store for the organization. The Victory Caucus plans to organize as a fundraising force to get tough on national security and the war on terror. NZ will talk about the plans and what it means for the 2008 election.
We’ll also take your calls at 646-652-4889 to discuss NBC’s decision to air the Cho package, the Gonzales testimony, and much more. Be sure to join the conversation!
UPDATE: CQ Radio is now the #8 show for Blog Talk Radio! And the #2 show is in Portugese, hosted by a Brazilian center-right philosopher who lives in the US now, Olavo de Carvalho.
UPDATE II: I’ve uploaded a Blog Talk Radio player that streams the latest CQ Radio show directly on the blog. If you want to turn off the player, click on the pause button (which looks like this: || ) and it will pause. Later, I will have one that allows CQ readers to select among the latest shows.
UPDATE III: I’ve received enough complaints about the auto-start that I’ve turned it off for now.
UPDATE IV: I will turn it back on for the live stream to do some testing with it, so be aware that it may switch around this afternoon. It will be on this post only and the main page, and only while I’m live on the air. Click on the Pause (II) button to stop the player below, or use the volume control to mute or lower the sound. (The sidebar player is not set to autoplay.) We need to reprogram this eventually so that it comes on low.
I hope you all tune in for the live show today, and now you don’t have to navigate away from CQ to do it!

CQ Radio Today: Howard Kurtz (Bumped)

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CQ Radio hits the Internet stream today at 2 pm CT with a very special guest: Howard Kurtz, the Washington Post journalist and media critic. Howard writes a must-read media review most weekdays that not only gives links to some of the most trenchant commentary of the previous day, but also his own analysis of the big stories. He also hosts CNN’s Reliable Sources evey Sunday at 10 am ET.
His upcoming installment will be devoted to media coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre, but we’ll get a head start on that topic today. We’ll also take your calls at 646-652-4889 to discuss the shooting and the media coverage of it. Be sure to join the conversation!

Bernard Goldberg On CQ Today (Bumped!)

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BUMP: Just a reminder that we will be also discussing the Virginia Tech story. Be sure to call and join the conversation.
On today’s edition of CQ Radio, I’ll have an interview with Bernard Goldberg — journalist and author of such excellent books as Bias and The 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America — as he launches his new book, Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right: How One SIde Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve. The book launches today, and on Saturday I had the opportunity to have a long conversation with Goldberg, one of the most entertaining interview subjects. We discuss:
* Don Imus — “A very unlikable and unpleasant person … but Don Imus is not what’s plaguing black America.”
* Republicans — “Betrayed their principles”
* Al Sharpton – “If there are two people in the whole world who should not be leading a moral crusade against Don Imus, they are Al Shaprton and Jesse Jackson.”
* The importance of culture – “If [culture] doesn’t matter, then why is everyone so upset about Don Imus?”
You’re going to hear a lot of quotable passages from Bernard Goldberg today — so be sure to tune in at 2 pm CT. I’ll have plenty of time to take calls, and I’d like to get a conversation going about the lessons we can learn from the Virginia Tech tragedy yesterday. Call in at 646-652-4889!

Duncan Hunter On CQ Radio Today

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Duncan Hunter will be my guest on the first installment of the daily CQ Radio show today. The Congressman and presidential hopeful will appear between 2 – 2:30 pm Central Time to discuss his candidacy, national security, and his vision for America. Hunter’s candidacy has flown under the media radar thus far, and we’ll ask him how he plans to make a move on the frontrunners during 2007.
In the second half, Fausta joins us to talk about her own Blog Talk Radio show. She’s talking immigration and more on her show, live at 11 am CT.
The best part of Blog Talk Radio is that you can join the conversation — live! Call me at 646-652-4889 to talk with Congressman Hunter, Fausta, or me during the show.
UPDATE AND BUMP: I forgot to link to Hunter’s website; I fixed that now. And here’s the Congressman posing with the talented and beautiful Fausta, taken at CPAC:
CPAC 020.jpg

The New Gig

I’ve decided to get a head start on the new job, which officially starts tomorrow, at Blog Talk Radio. I’ve posted for the first time at the BTR blog, talking about the opportunities ahead for both myself and BTR:

As much as blogging represented that opportunity for writers four years ago, I believe Blog Talk Radio holds out even more opportunities for writers and talkers now. We have just begun operations eight months ago, and already we have a wide variety of shows for listeners to enjoy — and not just in politics. We expand our reach every day into new topics and new issues, and we see no limit.
Blog Talk Radio gives everyone a microphone, and more importantly, a solid technical platform that alllows for immediate dialog. Instead of posting an essay and waiting for comments and e-mails, New Media people can interact directly with those who agree or disagree — and the debate will be both entertaining and instructive for all. It democratizes the talk-show medium just as blogging democratized the print media. And as an added bonus, Blog Talk Radio will soon bring advertisers and an opportunity for hosts to share in the revenue.
Come on — who wouldn’t get excited by that?

I will be posting at the BTR blog and at a new group blog for conservative talk-show hosts at BTR called Heading Right as part of the new job. I’ll also be posting more here, too, than ever before. Keep checking all three in the coming weeks and months!