Repent Now!

Indianapolis scores 28 points in the 4th quarter to beat the vaunted Tampa Bay Bucs defense in overtime on Monday Night Football last night. This was unbelievable! The Bucs had them by the throat all game long, and in fact had a 21-point lead with less than 4 minutes to go. To give you an idea of the magnitude of the Colts’ victory (or Bucs collapse, whichever you prefer):

Indianapolis became the first team in NFL history to win after trailing by 21 or more points with less than four minutes to play in regulation.

Wow! Too bad all of you turned the game off in the 3rd quarter …

Another sign of the impending apocalypse

The Vikings beat Atlanta 39-26, and go to 5-0! I don’t know what Tice did in the off-season, but these guys look good, and are starting to look confident. They’re still making mistakes, but they’re overcoming them.
Of course, their biggest test comes up after the bye next week. They play Denver, who is 4-1 and I think will be the first team with a winning record they’ve played. We should know a lot more about this team after that.

Twinks disappoint again

The Twins seem to have a problem hitting the ball, all of a sudden. Roger Clemens looked a bit shaky at first, but apart from a bases-empty homer, the Twins couldn’t hold the Rocket down today and went down to defeat, 3-1. Now that the Twins have let the Yankees off the hook for losing home-field advantage, it doesn’t look likely that they’ll win the next two (one in New York) to advance this year. Lohse looked good today, but unfortunately not good enough.
Ah, well. Tomorrow the Vikings play against the Vick-less Falcons. We should be able to beat them to go to 5-0. If Gus Frerotte has another game like he did against the 49ers, we may have a minor QB controversy in the Twin Cities…

Defending the indefensible

Allen Barra defends Rush Limbaugh in his recent contretemps over Donovan McNabb. I think Barra is all wet on this one. McNabb may not have fulfilled his potential at Philadelphia, but he’s hardly to blame for being the leading rusher on a team that can’t run block or pass block worth a damn. Besides, the point isn’t whether McNabb is overrated; he probably was, but expectations have come down quite a bit for him. However, Limbaugh’s assertion that the media deliberately overrated him as a sort of affirmative action program is just too much to swallow. There is hardly a dearth of black quarterbacks in the NFL these days, and they don’t need the press to make them feel good about their performances.
ESPN made a mistake in hiring Limbaugh, and Limbaugh made a mistake in taking the job. Normally I respect Limbaugh’s intelligence even if I disagree with him, but in this case he was a fool. At least he seems to have wised up. I wonder how long it will be until Allen Barra does the same.