I’ve been trying to link to an excellent column at ESPN.com by Ralph Wiley on Rush Limbaugh’s exit. Unfortunately, their pop-up ad from Orbitz keeps screwing up my browser — I wind up having to shut all my browser windows down to make it stop. However, I was still able to read the column, and I think he’s spot-on.

U.S. diabetes rate continues to rise

This is beginning to sound like a broken record, but at some point we need to take some action to reverse this trend. The problem, as I found out three years ago when I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, is the high carb count in American diets (hell, the high everything count). Carbs convert to glucose quickly in the bloodstream, and the body responds by producing insulin. But if you do that too often, the body starts becoming resistant to the insulin, just like with most other chemicals. That is the leading cause of Type II — weight-influenced insulin resistance. The only fix is to either supplement the insulin or to lose the weight. I was fortunate; I was able to lose the weight, but that diagnosis is the only reason why I did. I lost over 100 pounds, and have kept it off almost a year, and I no longer track my blood sugars. I did that by getting regular exercise, cutting back on the portions, and ruthlessly reducing the amount of non-vegetable carbs I take in, especially starches.
This is a fixable problem, and we need to start by not bombarding our children with a galaxy of sugar-drenched foods.

The Franco-American War, part II

Paris awards honorary citizenship to activist on death row in US : HindustanTimes.com
There isn’t much to say about this (I got it from Merde in France), other than to point out the disgusting spectacle of the French demonstrating on behalf of a man who murdered a policeman, lionizing him and celebrating him, as an excuse to demonstrate against the “imperialist” Americans, who just liberated over 20 million Iraqis from one of the worst dictatorships in recent memory. Of course, the dictator in question was a French arms client, so you can understand the anger.
Demonstrating against the death penalty is a noble thing to do if you believe it to be wrong; I don’t support it either. But lionizing murderers is despicable, and now you can see why the French favor Arafat and his gang.