Cracking The Blackout On Your Own

Michelle Malkin and Mickey Kaus point out that the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz will host a live-chat event on Monday, noon ET, in which Kurtz takes questions from Internet readers and answers them on the fly. The questions themselves have to be submitted in advance by readers. Obviously, I’d want to ask this question:

In at least two separate incidents (Jan 2005 – Davos and November 2004 – Portugal), CNN’s Eason Jordan accused the US military of deliberately targeting journalists for assassination and torture. These have been documented at The sources for the Davos commentary are two eyewitnesses at the event, and the Portugal source is the Guardian (UK), which quotes Jordan directly. Jordan has also accused the Israeli military of deliberately targeting journalists and claims a CNN reporter, Ben Wedeman, was severely injured as a result, when CNN’s own producer, an eyewitness, reported on air that Wedeman got caught in a crossfire and no one could tell who shot him.
My question — why isn’t the American media covering Eason Jordan’s accusations? If they are true, surely this would be a blockbuster story. If they are false, then the head of a major American news organization is spreading lies overseas about our military, contributing to anti-American sentiment. That calls into question CNN’s credibility, even more so since Jordan has already admitted to slanting the news in the past to curry favor with Saddam Hussein.
Not one news organization has covered this story, except for a brief mention by Brit Hume. Why?

I would encourage people to write their own questions — if you cut and paste this, they’ll consider it spam — but submit something on Eason’s Fables. Even if they screen the questions out, the Post will understand just how many of their readers have become disgusted by this media blackout. At some point, the silence will become unsustainable, and the last ones to cover the story will lose credibility along with CNN.
Keep the pressure on — it’s only a matter of days now.

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