Eason Jordan Should Know Better

CQ reader John J. passes along two interesting reports about Eason Jordan’s personal connection to a journalist that actually was targeted and assassinated in the Middle East. The London Telegraph did a human-interest profile on the widow of Danny Pearl, whose capture and beheading by Islamists in Pakistan first showed the world the bigotry, inhumanity, and bloodthirsty nature of the Islamofascist thugs arrayed against the West. The Telegraph updated its readers on the renaissance of Marianne Pearl in October 2004:

It was an extraordinary way to lose a husband – butchered in Pakistan by kidnappers who revelled in their own inhumanity, who filmed their deeds in order to heighten the shock to Western sensibilities. But Mariane is an extraordinary woman. Instead of curling into a shell, as she is convinced Daniel’s assassins hoped she would, she has turned her life into a straightforward declaration of intent: “Terrorists may have destroyed my husband, but they will not have the satisfaction of destroying me.” …
She is 37, but looks younger. As part of not allowing herself to be crushed, she refused to play the quietly grieving widow. After a series of e-mail exchanges and a meeting in Paris, she fell in love again, with Eason Jordan, a CNN executive [emphasis mine — CE].

That report confirms a New York Daily News blurb about the pair published six months earlier. For a man who’s dating the widow of a truly targeted and assassinated reporter, Jordan’s latest accusations appear even more morally bankrupt than before. Jordan’s allegations that the US military targets and assassinated journalists amount to little more than an “everyone is doing it” sort of moral equivalency, the kind Danny Pearl death demonstrates beyond all doubt is false. It diminishes the death of Pearl by Jordan’s claims purportedly showing that it was nothing out of the ordinary. Marianne Pearl can obviously fend for herself, but Jordan’s comments look like an extraordinary betrayal of her dead husband’s legacy, and a diminishment of her gutsy determination to enjoy life despite the singular brutality of Pearl’s death.
Eason Jordan seems to be, in the parlance of older times, a creep.

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