Eason’s Fables Introduction

I’d like to welcome Instapundit readers, especially those who have just come here for the first time. If you have not had a chance to read about Eason Jordan and his serial slanders against the US and Israeli militaries, you can find all of my work on the subject in the CNN category. That will allow you to read all of my posts on one page; my earlier posts have gone to archive now.
I appreciate Glenn’s reference as “Eason Jordan central,” but I’d like to include a couple of other bloggers in that description. La Shawn Barber has done a magnificent job in keeping up with the multitude of links around the blogosphere that have created the massive momentum that will eventually break the media blackout we’ve seen. Hugh Hewitt has done more to push the story into the laps of the MSM than anyone so far. Keep checking with these sites as well.
We need to keep the pressure on CNN and the mainstream media to take responsibility for their biases and their editorial decisions on coverage. Jordan has created yet another excuse for anti-American sentiment and slandered our men and women fighting overseas — stuffing money in his pocket off the blood of our soldiers and Marines while denigrating them. I can’t think of anything more disgusting. After you read through the material presented here and on other sites, I’m sure you will agree.
UPDATE: A new blog has been launched — Easongate promises to stay on top of all developments on the story. Be sure to check it out.
UPDATE II: Dread Pundit Bluto also has been working on Eason’s Fables, but has run afoul of Blogger’s inability to support trackback pings.

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