Geraghty Points Out Portugal On PBS

Thanks to a phone tip I received from a family member, I found out that Jim Geraghty of the National Review’s TKS blog appeared on Jim Lehrer’s NewsHour on PBS. While an official transcript has not been made available, the new Google video service has this from the closed-captioning of NewsHour (emphasis mine):

at 52 minutes
Are there bloggers whose motivation is really to attract attention to themselvess? >> [Jim Geraghty:] Like I said there are a lot of bloggers out there. I wouldn’t doubt that there are some who thought this is a great way to attention to get traffic to my blog. I can’t buy into this argument that this is one slip of the Tongue. At a conference in Portugal last fall he said that several journalists were taken to the Abu ghraib prison complex and tortured there. If he’s got this kind of evidence for these stories he should come out and show it.
at 52 minutes 30 seconds
I’ll admit a lot of people took into this story was his comments about not reporting everything he knew about Saddam Hussein in a run-up before the Iraq war. I Admire him for coming out and saying this. He came into this controversy with a black Mark on his record that a lot of people caused them not to cut him Slack they might have otherwise done. >> Smith: thank you all three very much. Certainly leaves one with the feeling that this whole debate is not over yet.

Kudos to Jim for getting PBS viewers the story that the network seems to want kept quiet.

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